Off The Hook

In a recent session with a client, several leadership team members mentioned during their check-in that EOS® was “not working.” The Integrator expressed frustration that they were not making enough progress and worried that their investment in the process was not paying off.

Later in the session, I dug in a little deeper and discovered that they were struggling with several issues, including:

  • Incomplete Rocks
  • Off-track Scorecard numbers
  • To-Dos not getting to done


As we began to IDS™ their issues, I noticed that the team made a lot of excuses for their poor performance and continued to blame external forces, other people, and circumstances that were “out of our control.”

After a few minutes, I stopped the discussion and asked, “Are you committed to this company’s success?”

Everyone emphatically answered YES.

“And are you committed to the success of EOS in your company?” I asked.

Heads nodded, and a few people said (less emphatically), “Yes.”

I turned to the Integrator and said, “Do you believe them?”

After a moment, he said “No. I think if we were all truly committed to the EOS Process™, we’d be getting our Rocks done, keeping our Scorecard numbers on-track, and getting our To-Dos done. Instead, we’re sitting here making excuses and pointing fingers. As the Integrator, I haven’t been doing a good enough job of setting a good example, or for holding everyone accountable for our commitment. I don’t think it’s EOS that’s not working, it’s us.”

After a few minutes of silence, the team grudgingly admitted that they had been letting themselves “off the hook.” Instead of owning their performance, they had fallen into their old habit of letting the business control them, instead of taking control of the business.

Commit to Becoming Your Best

I assured them that this wasn’t unusual, and reminded them that one of the keys to truly becoming a great Leadership Team is to take responsibility for their issues – they created these issues, but they also have the power to solve them. Teams that are truly committed – to the journey to becoming their best, to the priorities they set, and to the decisions they make – are the teams that achieve their visions, and have a lot more fun along the way.

Next Steps

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