The Power of Same Page Meetings®

A company’s Visionary and Integrator™ are two of its important people. The strength of this duo’s relationship can literally make or break their organization. To keep that relationship healthy and strong, companies Running on EOS™ harness the power of Same Page Meetings.

Why are Same Page Meetings So Important?

Miscommunication can lead to misunderstandings, wasted time, and missed opportunities. In fact, people issues are one of the most common of all issues in businesses.

It can create confusion, frustration, and even conflict in interactions with other team members. When the Visionary and Integrator don’t see eye to eye on a matter, their disagreement can result in other meetings being inefficient, including those with their leadership team. This friction can then reduce traction throughout the organization.

But when the Visionary and Integrator make time for Same Page Meetings, they prime the pump for creating Rocket Fuel™ for their company. All their arrows point in the same direction, harnessing their combined human energy. These entrepreneurial leaders – one future-focused and the other a master of details and execution – create Rocket Fuel when they combine their talents to propel their company to unimaginable heights. 

Same Page Meetings provide a platform for collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making. They’re designed to ensure that both leaders have absolute clarity around the company’s vision and goals. They provide an effective vehicle for airing out issues, building and strengthening the relationship, and keeping the duo in sync. 

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The Most Important Two Hours Each Month

EOS® teaches the Visionary/Integrator (V/I) Duo to schedule a two-hour (preferably off-site) meeting each month. Each leader must commit to disconnecting during this time and focus solely on working on the business by working on their relationship.

Each Same Page Meeting includes:

  • Check-in

The check-in helps each leader understand what’s happening in the other’s life personally and professionally. This helps them humanize each other and understand what’s on the other’s mind.

  • Issues List Review

The Visionary and Integrator must bring their list of issues gathered since the last Same Page Meeting. The issues list should include all issues, concerns, and ideas they want to discuss with their V/I counterpart.

  • IDS® (Identify, Discuss, and Solve) Session

After compiling the full Issues List, the V/I Duo™ prioritizes the most important issues to discuss first. Both leaders should come prepared to be open and honest with each other as they prioritize and IDS each issue.

Ideally, the duo stays in the meeting until all the issues are solved. That’s because the leaders can only be on the same page when they’ve aired every single issue standing between them. With those obstacles cleared away, the V/I Duo can run full speed ahead toward their shared vision. 

Harnessing the Power of Same Page Meetings

By implementing this effective communication strategy, you and your V/I counterpart can better align on goals and objectives. Same Page Meetings can increase productivity, improve decision-making, and enhance overall performance.

To fully harness the power of Same Page Meetings, the Visionary and Integrator must align on several key mindsets. The more closely those mindsets and expectations match, the stronger the V/I Duo is, and then they can create more Rocket Fuel for the business.

The free Rocket Fuel Power Index™ helps assess the alignment of the V/I Duo on 8 Mindsets. You can then bring your results to the next Same Page Meeting to Identify, Discuss, and Solve challenging issues, improve your working relationship, and achieve greater success together.

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