The Visionary: A Breakdown of the Role

A company’s Visionary is its entrepreneur. This role is all about generating new ideas, innovating, and driving the business forward. A person in the Visionary role is the creative problem solver who marches toward uncharted territory, the risk taker who can see the future. 

The Day-to-Day Work of a Visionary

Visionaries create the company’s vision and work fiercely to protect it. Their days are made up of managing an organization’s big external relationships and inspiring their people. Driving the organization toward that 10-Year Target™ and seeing the bigger picture of how all the pieces fit together are what makes the visionary a Visionary. Because they’re so plugged into the market and so passionate about the industry, they’re the ones who drive innovation and keep the company moving forward.

Common roles for a Visionary include:

  • Closing big deals
  • Solving the company’s biggest problems
  • Communicating the company’s vision to their employees and inspiring them
  • Engaging and maintaining the company’s big relationships
  • Overseeing the organization’s vision

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Who Visionaries Work With 

Visionaries primarily work with the organization’s Integrator. By combining the Unique Abilities of these dynamic leaders creates something we call Rocket Fuel™ that can launch their business to the next level. Their relationship is a balance between the Visionary’s constant idea generation and the Integrator’s execution of the best ideas.

Externally, Visionaries are the face of the organization. A Visionary manages the company’s large relationships with stakeholders and investors.

How to Become a Visionary

No one chooses to be a Visionary. Visionaries are people who are born with an entrepreneurial spirit. They’re marked by their risk-taking, creative problem-solving, and strategic thinking. A Visionary is a person, not a role to grow into. People can harness the power of their Unique Ability™ to better meet the needs of a Visionary in an organization, but they’re more fundamental to a person than things someone can learn to become.

Tools and Resources Available to a Visionary

Visionaries can benefit from access to the free Rocket Fuel Community, where they can connect with other Visionaries and Integrators. Reading Rocket Fuel or listening to the Rocket Fuel podcast regularly can also give Visionaries an advantage to more successfully fulfilling their role.

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