The All-Powerful Individual Rock

In 2018, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After the initial surgery, she not only had to work on healing physically, but also on emotional and mental healing. And that meant learning how to manage and control stress.

When my parents sat down to analyze sources of stress for my mother, they came up with a daunting list of 40 items! They were overwhelmed, to say the least.

My parents decided that getting my mother as healthy as possible was their top priority. 

My mom took on an Individual Rock of “Change over to a 100% plant-based diet” and my dad took the stress off her by taking on a Rock of helping with meal prep. From there, they looked at her stressors, working their way through the list to make the best use of her time to reach that goal.  

It All Starts with Rocks

One of the benefits of running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) is eliminating all the low-value busywork that you may have been doing for years. Instead, you’ll be focusing on doing what’s most important. 

As your company becomes crystal clear on its vision and its 1-Year Plan, all the competing priorities at your organization fall by the wayside. As everyone gets on the same page, certain tasks and projects become deprioritized or eliminated altogether.

When EOS® is fully implemented, every person in your company will have at least one Individual Rock each quarter. Everyone will know what the most important priority is for them to work on during that 90 day period.

Rocks Help You Stay Focused

By setting, focusing on, and staying on top of her Individual Rock, my mother has made amazing progress.

In just six months, she was cancer-free and so far, 35 of the 40 stressors have been solved. And to celebrate, my parents took a three-week trip to Greece for their first trip together since their honeymoon. 

Make an Impact with Your Individual Rocks

If it’s the first time you’re taking on an Individual Rock, congratulations! You’re on your way to getting more done and making a bigger impact on your company’s strength. Rocks are a major part of gaining traction as a company, and a great way to focus on the work that’s most meaningful to you. 

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