The (Surprising) Power of Process

Since deciding to write Process! more than two years ago, my dear friend and co-author Lisa González and I have gotten a very consistent response from the hundreds of entrepreneurs and leaders in our networks:

“Why the H-E-double hockey sticks would you write an entire book about process?” they ask, though perhaps with less restraint. “Especially for entrepreneurs?”

It’s a fair question.

But it’s also the first and most important ANSWER to their question. Most entrepreneurs and leaders of rapidly evolving companies are either ambivalent about process or downright opposed to it. Lisa and I are determined to change that by igniting people’s passion for process because we know it’s vital for those who want to run better businesses and live better lives.

We know this is true because we’ve seen our own clients, and those of the other 500+ colleagues around the world, struggle more to strengthen the Process Component than any of the other Six Key Components™. If you and your team still have “Core Processes FBA” (followed by all) on your long-term Issues List, you know exactly what we’re talking about. And you are not alone.

That’s why our first goal is to change the mindsets of those readers who don’t believe the Process Component™ is as vital as the five other Key Components. In the book, we explore and debunk three common myths that cause the anti-process bias with which many of us struggle:

  1. I’m not process-oriented.
  2. Process takes too much time.
  3. Process destroys freedom.

If you’re resisting one or more of those myths, we’ll help you reject these understandable but limiting beliefs and truly embrace the power of process. We’ll also help you understand the many benefits of doing process work and the potentially devastating costs of avoiding it. Our goal in Section I of the book is to help you and your leadership team fully commit to strengthening your company’s Process Component.

That brings us to our second reason. We also wanted to clarify and simplify “process work,” teaching it in a way that entrepreneurs can understand, embrace, and master. There are some great process books and training programs in the world, but most describe an approach that feels too complex, time-consuming, and rigid for the typical entrepreneurial leader. So, in Process! we walk readers through the simple 20/80 approach to strengthening a company’s Process Component favored by companies running on EOS®. It’s clear, simple, and practical – no matter the level of process expertise you and your teammates possess. Heck, we even tried to make it fun.

We’ve summarized that approach with a visual tool we’ve lovingly named …

As you can see, the first step in the process is adjusting your mindset and committing fully to the journey ahead. From there, we walk step-by-step through two EOS Tools – the 3-Step Process Documenter™ and the FBA Checklist. These are simple, practical tools, but using them isn’t always easy. That’s why we provide clear guidance, real-world advice, and resources, tricks, and tips that will help you and your teammates truly strengthen your business’s process component.

Why? Because we’ve seen firsthand that businesses with a strong process component get consistently better results and free up their owners and leaders to live better lives. If that’s what you want, please learn more about Process!. Download a free chapter, order the book, or review additional content from Lisa, me, and EOS Worldwide. It’s a vital first step in setting you and your business free.

Get your free chapter of Process!

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