Why You Should Own the Integrator™ Role

Are you a leader in an entrepreneurial company and have a knack for problem-solving, organization, and follow-through? You might be the perfect Integrator for the business! Filling the Integrator role is a big responsibility since it’s one of the most critical roles in the entire company. You might be nervous about assuming this position, but excelling in the position is in your DNA. If you’re unsure why you should own the Integrator role, read on!

Importance of the Integrator Role

Leading, Managing, and Holding People Accountable (LMA™) are some of the primary functions of an Integrator. They serve as the steady force behind the organization and drive clarity and communication throughout the company. 

The day-to-day operation of the business is where Integrators get to excel in their Personal Core Focus. Integrators oversee various functions within a business, freeing up the rest of the leadership team to focus on business growth activities.

Your company needs someone like you to integrate the essential functions of the business so it can run as efficiently as possible because you:

  • Are obsessed with organizational clarity and communication to get everyone rowing in the same direction
  • Have the organizational skills, determination, and follow-through to execute the business plan and properly manage projects that make the business stronger
  • Can harness and prioritize the Visionary’s ideas while using your keen people skills to stay on the same page about what will move the needle for the organization
  • Have the leadership and communication skills that bring the leadership team together and keep them in sync
  • Aren’t afraid to enter the danger and use your position to create the healthy tension that drives results for the business

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Unique Relationship with the Visionary

A strong Integrator can bring clarity, better communication, and consistency to a business. In short, they’re the glue that holds everything together. However, not all Integrators are created equal. Typically, Integrators are innately organized. They love details and prioritizing and driving tasks to completion. But what that actually looks like in practice varies widely. 

When Integrators combine their natural talents and passions with those of a company’s Visionary, they have the power to create Rocket Fuel™ for the organization. Visionaries create the big goals and the vision for the company. Meanwhile, Integrators bring that vision down to the ground with actionable steps to create traction toward those goals.

The strengths of each leader complement the other’s. They’re stronger together – much like a rope with two twisted strands is much stronger than simply twice the strength of a single strand. 

Mastery of the Integrator Role

If all this feels like a tall order, fear not. Master Integrators aren’t born. They’re made. The best way to grow into your role is to surround yourself with great coaches and like-minded leaders. Integrators from all over the world tap into this community. And it starts with attending the Integrator Masterclass®.

The Integrator Masterclass opens the door to increasing your capacity and building a stronger relationship with your Visionary. It also covers topics like stopping end runs, serving as the tiebreaker, and maintaining mutual respect in the V/I Duo™. 

Taking over the Integrator role in your business is a big responsibility, but you don’t have to figure out how to do it alone. Learn from the experts by attending an upcoming Integrator Masterclass.

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