Just Say No

It’s normal going into a new year to make all kinds of resolutions. Many of us think about doing things we haven’t been doing consistently in the past, things like exercising more, reading more, spending more time with our children, etc. The presumption is that doing more will produce a better life.

I’m going to encourage you to think differently about 2024. Consider doing less. Simplify your life by saying NO to anything that doesn’t positively affect the things that matter most to you. Do this:

  • Set adequate time aside right now to identify the few things that matter most to you. In the EOS world, that means 3 to 7 things that are your highest priorities. This naturally means that some “good” things are going to get cut from your list to create more focus on the better things.
  • Create your “stop doing list”. This is the stuff that has been consuming much of your time that has nothing to do with your highest priorities. If certain things on that list still need to be done, delegate them to someone who can take them on as their top priorities. Ultimately, you need to say NO to everything on this list.
  • Going forward, proactively make all decisions with your few highest priorities in mind. You will be amazed at how much simpler and richer your life will become.

Condensing everything to the essential will transform your business and personal life. Why not start now?

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