Keeping Circles Connected – But Not Overconnected

Meetings are meant to be productive, solve issues, and keep the team connected between all levels of the company. However, finding the right meeting pulse can be tricky. Too many meetings can stand in the way of productivity – people can’t get things done with constant interruptions. Not enough meetings can have the same outcome as having too many, but it will be because people don’t have the tools or support they need to get things done. So what’s the solution? Turn to those EOS tools!

What is a Meeting Pulse?

Do you have boring meetings? Does nobody talk or bring up issues during their meetings? I was recently working with a team who struggled with this problem. Once we dug into it turned out there were too many meetings, such as 1:1’s and other side meetings happening outside of the regular team meeting pulse. Since the team wasn’t sure when to bring up their issues, instead of bringing them to the team meeting for their peers to help them IDS, they would just hold them for 1:1 time with their boss. Once we eliminated the extra meetings, the team meetings became dynamic and valuable. Team members started helping each other, and learning from each other. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the proper number of meetings for your business, but by using the EOS Meeting Pulse discipline and working with an implementer like myself, you can find the right one for you and your team.

So what is a Meeting Pulse? It is a way of keeping your circles connected, while also ensuring you and your team are not stepping on each other’s toes. Do you feel like you’re facing hours of unnecessary, distracting, and irrelevant meetings every week? Are you actually solving problems in your meetings? Are the right people in the right meetings? Are people being given the space to talk and share their needs during the meetings? With so many things to consider, it’s crucial that you develop a cadence, pulse, rhythm, or routine when it comes to your company’s meetings. It’s not easy, but when done right – it can transform your business.

Proper Meeting Pulse = Circles Connected

What does it mean to keep your circles connected? Imagine the different departments or areas of your business coming together to form a circle – your business as a whole. If the different parts of your circle are not connecting enough or are connecting too much, your circle is not whole. There are 5 things that make a meeting pulse a “pulse”: Same Day, Same Time, Same Agenda, Start on Time, and End on Time. Since not all businesses are the same, not all meeting pulses are the same. While Leaderships meetings (L10s)  should be 90 minutes every week, manufacturing floor meetings might be 15 mins daily, with additional weekly 15 mins of IDS, and sales might be 2 hours monthly with time focused on headlines/prospects.

So how often do you need to get together to solve issues? If you’re struggling with where to begin, here is a list of what to consider when your meetings are no longer valuable:

  1. Are you meeting too often
  2. Are you not meeting enough
  3. Do you have the right facilitator
  4. Are the right people in the meeting
  5. Are you solving issues – the right issues

Remember, if there are no issues, that’s an issue. If people are missing meetings, they don’t find it valuable. It’s important to your business to figure out why. Meetings should be valuable, not a waste of your time. When you can bring your teams together consistently and create a space for your team to express things that are getting in the way of success, you will keep your circles connected and your employees supported. It’s important to create an opportunity for IDS (identify, discuss, solve) – a way to solve issues at the root and eliminate them from your business permanently.

Are Your Circles Overconnected?

Not having enough meetings can cause communication breakdowns and slow down your productivity and overall success. Having too many meetings can cause the same issues. If your work day is constantly interrupted by meetings that are not necessary or you don’t even need to be in, getting work done on time is almost impossible. Besides halting productivity, if you’re constantly looking over your employee’s shoulders with meetings and check-ins, it can make them feel like you don’t trust them to complete their work properly.

As I said, finding the right balance is different for each business, but once you find that perfect meeting pulse, you’d be shocked at what you can accomplish both in and out of meetings.

Ready to See What Your Proper Meeting Pulse Can Do?

When you establish the perfect meeting pulse for your team, you will never have to worry about your circles getting overconnected or disconnected – it will happen naturally. Check out how I can help you implement EOS into your business by setting up a free 90-minute meeting today!

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