Continuing on in our 4-part blog around the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) Process®, we’re next going to break down what the first day of working with a professional implementer actually looks like.

🔶 The Focus Day®

As the first official day in the EOS Process®, the Focus Day is an approximately 6-8-hour day spent with your implementer and your executive level leadership team. The day consists mainly of beginning to learn and hone the EOS Foundational Tools™.

As part of the Focus Day, we focus on 5 main tools and areas:

🔶 Hitting the Ceiling

As you know, every business follows a similar cycle of alternating between growth and hitting a ceiling. The best businesses that continue to succeed find a way to break through that ceiling in order to move forward. During Focus Day, we teach you The 5 Leadership Abilities™ to help your leadership team manage and navigate the challenges that will be ever evident in running and managing your business.

🔶 Accountability Chart™

One of the most important parts within Focus Day is building out the optimal leadership team and organizational structure for your company. Too often, organizations build their structure around the people they have rather than the seats needed to succeed long-term. In working through the Accountability Chart with your team, we follow a basic set of rules to build an organization that is not only scalable but can stand the test of time, whether it be that of growth or contraction.

🔶 Rocks

Executing at a high level is all about focus and discipline. Most teams fail to make the progress they desire because they are either tackling the wrong items or they are trying to focus on too many items. Through setting Rocks, or 3-7 highest level priorities that will make the biggest impact and dent, we immediately get your team focused and dialed in on what is most important to your organization in the next few months. Over the course of the EOS journey, we teach your team how to implement the concept down through the rest of your organization, eventually leading to alignment and top-notch execution at every level and as an entire organization.

🔶 Meeting Pulse™

As one of the most powerful pieces within the first day spent together, you learn what we call the Level 10 Meeting™. This is a 90-minute meeting you spend with your leadership team members every single week. In this weekly meeting that is held on the same day and time with the same agenda, your team builds stronger team health, gets dialed in on metrics, checks in for accountability, stays updated with happenings and makes sure everything is staying on track and most of all, solves your most important issues for good. After implementing the L10 structure, leadership teams almost always state they’ve never had better meetings and communication before implementing it.

🔶 Scorecard

Lastly, as you know, decisions in your business have to be driven around the right data. In Focus Day, we begin building out a Scorecard with data metrics that will guide your decision making, allow you to see into the future of your business like you never have before and shows you how to quickly pull out issues to solve. Keeping it simple, we focus on only 5-15 metrics that will give your leadership team a high-level pulse on everything happening in the business.

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Watch for our next blog coming out soon where we dive into the next days in the EOS Process®, Vision Building® – Days 1 & 2.

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