Continuing on in our 4-part blog around the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) Process®, we’re next going to break down what the second and third days of working with a professional implementer actually look like where you really start diving into the vision, strategy and execution for your organization.

🔶 Vision Building® – Day 1

Now that you’ve been introduced to the tools in Focus Day® and your team has spent roughly a month implementing and using them within your Level 10 Meeting™ structure, it’s time to start building out the vision for the future.

Vision Building® is split over two days roughly a month apart and approximately a month after Focus Day. Why do we use a spaced learning concept with time between Focus Day and the Vision Building days? We want your team to get in the necessary reps using the tools more and more effectively and work toward mastery before we start looking at rolling the tools down throughout your organization.

During Vision Building, we focus mainly on 4 parts:

🔶 Reviewing the Foundational Tools

The first part of the day is bringing you back through your Foundational tools to reteach, check in on how you’re using them and tweak for changes. Typically, we make adjustments to the Accountability Chart™ after your leadership group has had some time to digest the initial draft that was created during our previous day together. We also refine the Scorecard and dial in on the most important metrics, as well as talk through how your meetings are going.

🔶 Core Values

Developing Core Values for your organization is up next. This is where we take your team through a Core Values discovery process to determine the guiding principles that will define your culture internally, as well as be externally facing to your clientele, displaying what is most important to you as an organization. These Core Values act as the first filter every decision for your organization will be made through.

🔶 Core Focus™

In developing the Core Focus, we break it down into two parts: your why and what. Your big why, or your purpose/cause/passion, is why you really do what you do as an organization. It’s beyond your industry and making money. It’s why you really get out of bed each day to do what you do. For the what, or your niche, that’s the easy part, believe it or not. That’s identifying what you do better than anyone else in your industry. As with everything in the EOS Process®, we keep your Core Focus very simple to understand, yet extremely impactful, as it will be woven throughout your marketing strategy and internal and external employee and customer journeys.

🔶 10-Year Target™

The last part of Vision Building-Day 1 is beginning to dive into your 10-Year Target, or your BHAG, as Jim Collins refers to it. This is the big, hairy audacious goal of where you want to be as an organization in 10 years. Many organizations try to focus on too many items long-term and suffocate or die of indigestion. In our process, we dial it down to a simple quantitative and/or qualitative metric or two that we can really go after as an ultimate bullseye.

🔶 Vision Building® – Day 2

Roughly a month after completing Vision Building-Day 1, we return to the table with your leadership team to tackle Vision Building-Day 2.

Similar to the first Vision Building day, we review the tools and expand on the vision for your organization, as well as begin to lay down some traction for execution of the plan.

🔶 Reviewing the Foundational Tools

This is the last time we officially teach back through the Foundational Tools, again making tweaks and changes as needed. In future days and sessions, however, we continue to always review through the tools to see how they’re working within your organization and for potential changes and adjustments.

🔶 Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the lifeblood of any organization, and this is where we really dial in who your ideal clientele is, what you say to them and how you run your process in offerings your services or products.

🔶 3-Year Picture™

Now that you have your 10-Year Target identified, we can now start to bring that vision down to the ground and get more granular in your plan. As part of the 3-Year Picture, we identify revenue, profit, key measurables and what it looks like at that 3-year benchmark. We stress getting extremely crystal clear, as your employees need to be able to truly envision what the company looks like, how it operates and what their piece may be in the overall puzzle at this point.

🔶 1-Year Plan

Similar to the 3-Year Picture, we are dialing in the execution here. Along with profit, revenue and key measurables, we also identify the top 3-7 annual goals for the year. This keeps your organization focused on what matters most and provides a north star as you plan out each quarter along the way.

🔶 Rocks

Now that your first round of Rocks that you set during Focus Day® have been completed, we work to again identify the 3-7 most important focuses for the upcoming quarter to assure we are on track to knock out your 1-Year Plan.

🔶 Issues

Lastly, and a favorite of clients, is spending the last few hours of the day just attacking their issues list to solve items and learning to become better and better at the IDS® process. With solving issues so you never have to deal with them truly being a fine art, we as implementers help guide the process and teach you how to align your issues around the Six Key Components™ to help you identify what tools to use and when in order to quickly and effectively solve your company’s biggest challenges.

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