When to Start Your EOS Implementation

You want to implement EOS and you want it to get off to a great start. So, when’s the best time to start your implementation? 5 years ago.

If I had one thing to change in my entire business career, it would be to have implemented EOS the day we launched my previous two companies, not one day later.

Companies find many reasons to delay their EOS implementation. Often they’re project-related; an office move,  the launch of a new internal IT system, finishing their strategic plan, completing an acquisition, or a capital raise. Other times it’s people-related; a leadership team member is leaving soon or a new member is arriving soon, a seat is empty with no hire in sight, or someone is on maternity or medical leave. It’s easy to find a reason to delay.

I’m confident you wish you could be operating your company today with one common vision, gaining traction every day, and improving its health. Then why prioritize anything above turning your good company into a great company? Every day you delay your implementation is a day that root cause issues don’t get solved, you continue to experience drag and it frustrates you.

So, my guidance is simply this. Continue that project or deal with your leadership team’s hiccup AND start your EOS implementation without delay. You can manage both. Five years from now, you won’t remember the reason you considered a delay, but like me, you’ll regret every day you did delay.

EOS changed my life. It will change yours. The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll get to places you always hoped to be.

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