S1E15: Divide and Conquer Kills Accountability | Jennifer Ferris and Laura Elgood

Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel
S1E15: Divide and Conquer Kills Accountability | Jennifer Ferris and Laura Elgood

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Communication is important, but do a Visionary and an Integrator™ really need to set aside time for Same Page Meetings? They already see each other every day…

Sound familiar? It did to Jennifer Ferris and Laura Elgood. Jennifer is president, CEO, and Visionary of Federated Service Solutions, and Laura is vice president and Integrator.

Jennifer and Laura have been working together for over a decade, during which they’ve become best friends. In this episode, they share how to make Same Page Meetings a priority.

Key Takeaways: 

  • A foundation of trust is key to resolving conflicts.
  • Make time for working on the business (not just in it).
  • Be patient with your Visionary.
  • It’s OK for people to not be the right fit for your company.

Some Questions Asked: 

  • What does life look like for a Visionary without an Integrator?
  • How do Jennifer and Laura balance being friends and professional partners?
  • What challenges do Jennifer and Laura face that threaten to derail their commitment to Same Page Meetings?
  • What things do Jennifer and Laura do to make their Visionary/Integrator™ relationship a success?

Create a Unified Front

Jennifer’s father founded the company in 1974, and Jennifer first started working for him when she was 8 years old. She continued at Federated off and on during school breaks, and eventually joined full time after a stint with Ford. In 2009, Jennifer’s father hired Laura as an administrative assistant. He had a hunch that she would help Jennifer run the company one day.

A few years later, in 2016, Jennifer and Laura learned about EOS®. They had been dividing and conquering executive-level tasks, and it was creating a lack of accountability among their staff. Jennifer and Laura thought implementing EOS might solve that roadblock, so they gave it a shot.

They have found that the Visionary/Integrator structure has helped increase accountability, although they stress that this doesn’t happen automatically. In order to create a united front, Visionaries and Integrators must be faithful to regular Same Page Meetings.

“There’s so much going on that sometimes it’s hard to have that Same Page [Meeting]. If we get off those Same Pages, you can really tell.” – Jennifer [20:40]

If you find prioritizing Same Page Meetings difficult, Jennifer and Laura offer some advice:

  • Meet more frequently for shorter periods of time. Don’t feel chained to the recommended once-a-month meeting if you need more frequent communication.
  • Reserve Same Page Meetings for “working on the business.” Save “working in the business” conversations for working hours.
  • Meet off site.

Ultimately, the goal of Same Page Meetings is to create unity in leadership so the Visionary and Integrator can launch their team and business to new heights.

“Be patient with your Visionary… Focus on how to develop great relationships with people, with your team, [and] how to leverage other people’s strengths to help benefit the team.” – Laura [32:13]

If you’re interested in learning how to keep communication clear and consistent with your Visionary or Integrator, don’t miss this episode of Rocket Fuel.

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