S2E3: Mastering Role Balance and Conflict Resolution | John Burns and Caleb Dillard

Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel
S2E3: Mastering Role Balance and Conflict Resolution | John Burns and Caleb Dillard

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John Burns, CFP, is the CEO and Visionary for Exencial Wealth Advisors, a company he’s built from the ground up. Caleb Dillard, CFA, supports the team as COO, chief compliance officer, and Integrator.

Together, they have propelled Exencial to become one of the fastest-growing firms in the U.S., but it took them several years to find balance in their partnership.

In this episode, John and Caleb break down the evolution of their relationship. They recount how they initially tried to implement EOS® on their own, and how their Visionary and Integrator roles ended up becoming a bottleneck for the business. 

“I delegated all day-to-day tasks, letting Caleb and different members learn and do it themselves so I could assume the Visionary role. And we were working hard doing these things. But what happened in the process is it became an obstruction between me and the rest of the organization, on accident.” — John Burns [16:00]

A breakthrough occurred when Caleb turned the two-piece puzzle framework sideways and realized that both roles had to work side-by-side and connect to the business. This realization changed the way they approached their leadership structure. 

Overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities, John and Caleb highlight the importance of delegating, learning, and accepting coaching and guidance.

Their experiences demonstrate the importance of effective role balancing and conflict resolution for business success.

This balance is understood when digging into the EOS Toolbox™. The 3-Piece Puzzle becomes the key visual of the partnership between John and Caleb and demonstrates how they get their partnership to click with the business. 

Tune in to this episode of Rocket Fuel to learn how embracing the Visionary/Integrator relationship can propel your business toward growth.

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Every outstanding entrepreneurial business has a common element that launched it to success. 

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On their own, these two types of leaders have potential, but together they form an essential relationship that propels their business to new heights – we call that Rocket Fuel™. 

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