S2E4: Master Your Mind, Master Your Business: Unlocking Entrepreneurial Potential | Rob Dube

Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel
S2E4: Master Your Mind, Master Your Business: Unlocking Entrepreneurial Potential | Rob Dube

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Rob Dube is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and author who has built one of Forbes’ Top 25 Small Business Companies. With his extensive experience in business, Rob focuses on helping entrepreneurs live fulfilling and impactful lives.

Growing up, Rob faced various challenges, including a difficult childhood marked by divorce and abuse. Seeking a sense of calmness and clarity, Rob turned to talk therapy, which provided a foundation for his self-discovery. However, it was through meditation that he found a profound transformation. As he ventured into entrepreneurship, these experiences unknowingly shaped his mindset and impacted his personal and professional relationships. 

In this episode of Rocket Fuel, Rob shares his insights on the benefits of meditation for entrepreneurs and how it can enhance well-being and manage a driven mindset. He emphasizes the importance of being present in the moment and managing the challenges of a busy and ambitious lifestyle.

“We don’t change the world through our products, but through our interactions with the people on our team and the people we work with. We have to be very in tune inside so we can be aware of how we show up for them.” — Rob Dube [1:50]

His experiences and insights offer valuable perspectives on the benefits of self-awareness for entrepreneurs in both Visionary and Integrator™ roles. 

This episode is a must-listen if you’re an entrepreneur seeking to enhance your well-being and find balance in your driven mindset.

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Every outstanding entrepreneurial business has a common element that launched it to success. 

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Mark C. Winters is an Expert EOS Implementer™, co-author of Rocket Fuel alongside Gino Wickman, and the Visionary of Rocket Fuel University™. Since age 28, Mark has started, bought, shut down, or sold 14 companies. Today, he spends much of his time helping entrepreneurial leadership teams run on EOS® and has delivered over 700 full-day sessions with companies around the United States. Mark’s talent for introducing the right combination of perspective and process sparks leadership teams to start moving, move faster, or begin moving in the right direction — with clarity. 

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