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BY Dan Wallace

Fix the Fear of Conflict For Good!

In an EOS® Annual Planning session, our clients put “Fear of Conflict” and “Failure to Hold Each Other Accountable” on their Issues List. Those issues are obviously connected. Yet when it came time to solve issues, the team chose to work on just about anything but those two. They were, it turned out, afraid of

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Facing the Unavoidable with Uncommon Courage

business courage Recently, one of our client teams found themselves facing a difficult decision. 

They realized that two functions they’d always kept separate really belonged under one leader. Keeping them separate created unnecessary complexity, causing extensive debates about overlapping resources, workflow and priorities. Combining them would eliminate confusion, increase speed and quality, and make the company more responsive to its customers. That part was easy. 

The hard part? 

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How to Rip the Band-Aid Off

Being stuck in a company where you don’t fit, or in a job at which you can’t excel, is a terrible way to live. It’s your duty as a leader to make that conversation safe and to do everything you reasonably can to help the person who doesn’t fit make a good transition.

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Issues Solving with Speed

Issue-solving works best when you start at the end. Know which issues you need to solve in this week’s Level 10 Meeting®. Know who you need help from.

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Confronting An Inefficient Team Member

It’s a good rule of thumb that when a member of your team needs to leave, you’re going to experience 36 hours of pain. Confronting an inefficient team member is going to happen, the only question is when.

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