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BY Jeanet Wade

The Cost of Not Delegating and Elevating

Most leaders struggle with delegation. They also struggle with elevating themselves and those around them to their highest and best use. Whether leaders realize it or not, their failure to master the Delegate and Elevate® tool affects the bottom line of the company.

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Layers of Rocks

Rocks represent the highest-priority use of your time and energy during a 90-day period. Ultimately, they help with time management. Rocks are typically broken down into company, departmental, and individual (or seat) Rocks.

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Reviewing Core Processes

Having strong core processes for your business can save untold wasted hours trying to solve the wrong problems. As my clients prepare to roll out processes to their entire organization, they want to ensure they’re followed by all (FBA). To do that, I recommend the leadership team first review core processes together.

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