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What Happens When Your Company Leadership Doesn’t Row Together

two crew teams rowing in a riverI took up crew rowing in an 8-oared shell at age 50 with a local community club here in my hometown. One thing I learned quickly is that we must each trust one another to do our jobs — and with perfect timing — or the boat simply won’t go fast, or worse, won’t go at all.

This has become the perfect team metaphor for me. Rowing relies more on the perfect cohesion of a team than any other sport. In a game like football or basketball, one star player can carry an otherwise mediocre team to victory, but that’s not so in rowing. No single rower can make the boat go faster by himself, but it only takes one rower being just the tiniest bit off to slow it down a lot. The same thing goes for your company’s leadership team.

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The Key Ingredient of a Great Company Culture

coworkers gathered around a table for a meetingI recently proposed to implement EOS for a large business in a big city. As sometimes happens, the potential client was interviewing another EOS Implementer, as well, and each of us was aware that this company was talking to the other.

In fact, before either of us actually met with the company, we each let the other know when we had spoken to this prospect. We talked together about what he is looking for in an Implementer and how we might be able to help him. We even agreed that we should go after clients together more often because it’s fun!

The camaraderie and spirit of cooperation that exists among EOS Implementers showed in our talks with our potential client, and I could tell he found it a little puzzling. After a few interactions, I received an email from him saying, “I’m curious. It doesn’t appear that the implementers care which one we use. How was that culture developed?”

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Four Keys To Being A Top Entrepreneur

Four Keys To Being A Top EntrepreneurPeople ask me all the time, “Ken, what’s the number one thing I can do to make my business better?” My answer is always the same: there is no silver bullet. There is no single trick that will produce a magical transformation; rather, it’s a series of tweaks – some major, some minor – that will lead to dramatic results.

After 30 years of studying and coaching successful entrepreneurs, I’ve noticed that the most successful tend to have four habits in common, and these are things you can and should put into practice yourself. The first three are succinctly outlined in Optimize for Growth: How to Scale Up Your Business, Your Network, and You, written by my friend Jonathan B. Smith. You really should get this book; it’s a quick read, and it will explain how these practices work in concert with one another, and inspire you to make them part of your standard M.O.

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The Linchpin That Preserves Your Team’s Chemistry


Once there was a football team who overcame an upset loss to a rival and made it to the playoffs, only to lose in the semi-finals.

The following year, they lost to the same rival, again overcame the loss to make it to the playoffs, but this time, they won the championship.

Obviously, I’m talking about the Alabama Crimson Tide’s 2014 and 2015 seasons. They found themselves in the same scenario in two different years.

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How to Have Healthy Conflict at Work

Healthy_conflict.jpgWhen I was 10 years old, I went on my first sleepover to my Irish Catholic friend’s house. Approaching the carport, I heard a commotion and was shocked to see the whole family of ten gathered, watching their two youngest kids in an all-out fist fight, and Mom and Dad making bets with the others on the outcome!

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Three Growth-Stifling Mindsets and How to Break Free of Them


Old-school leadership ideas that will hurt your businessI consider myself to be somewhat “old school.” That term carries different connotations, and whether it’s good or bad depends on how you mean it. I’m proud of my old school leanings because it means I respect good traditions, appreciate my heritage, and stick with tried-and-true ideas that have consistently led to success in the past.

But there is another kind of old school thinking that, if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, can lead to extinction. Sticking to old ideas that have proven not to work well can make you a dinosaur. I’ve seen people lose their businesses that way while their competition flourished.

Here are three old-school leadership ideas that will stifle your business growth, and how to break free of them.

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