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A Big Shift in Thinking

My item to share this month is Hubert Joly’s new book: The Heart of Business. Joly led the Best Buy turnaround from 2012 to 2020, one of the most dramatic and successful in modern times. The book offers a new paradigm for leaders: business serves a larger purpose than just a financial return to shareholders. Joly demonstrates how a larger

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Common Sense and Common Practice

Two books in the last 35 years have proven to be transformative for both individuals and entrepreneurial companies. They are The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey and Traction by Gino Wickman. The authors of each readily confess they created nothing new – the content is based on ageless principles and reflected in literally thousands of other books. The

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Simple Wins

We live in a complex world. As leaders, we’ve learned to live with chaos, ambiguity, and uncertainty. Our challenge is to reduce complexity, break down everything to its simplest form. In EOS® , it’s one of the five attributes of leaders needed to break through ceilings. In her book, Why Simple Wins, Lisa Bodell offers practical approaches on driving simplicity. She also points

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The Secret Sauce of EOS®

EOS makes three promises: Vision: Alignment throughout the company Traction: Accountability and discipline Healthy: A sustainable culture EOS delivers on those promises because it’s based on the principles of building habits with employees.  Simplicity and sustainability make EOS so powerful, as witnessed by its phenomenal success. The underlying principles of habit formation contained in the book, Atomic Habits by

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Habits. Good and Bad

A business owner and EOS® client recently shared the book Atomic Habits, by James Clear. Personally and professionally, it’s had a great impact on his team. The book provides strategies to develop healthy habits and eliminate unhealthy ones – plus insightful stories to support both. It has fascinating new insights and critical reminders.On a personal level, We are the

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Don’t Confuse Blame With Accountability

Accountability is a basic tenet of EOS®. It’s essential to clarify who is responsible for what, top to bottom.

One of the challenges when creating a culture of accountability is to coach managers not to mistake blame for accountability. They are not the same.

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