Headed for Burnout? Do Less!

Headed for Burnout? Do Less, using EOS

Headed for Burnout? Do Less, using EOS

I’ve had several new clients take the first step on the journey of becoming their best by implementing the simple, proven tools of the EOS Process®.

A common theme from all of them is that they don’t have enough time capacity. They have so many things they’re trying to get done, there never seems to be enough time in the day. This is one of the first signs of burnout.

So on our first day together, we work to get really clear on the most important use of the team’s time over the upcoming 90 days.

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How To Simplify Painful Business Decision Making

*To help our readers navigate their businesses and organizations during this rapidly shifting time,  we are re-posting this relevant blog post from September 28, 2016.

One of my clients, a small software company in Detroit, had this a-ha moment in one of their quarterly sessions.

“With great power comes great responsibility. We have great power

Hold Your Employees Accountable without Damaging Company Culture 2019

coworkers enjoying their work at a company that holds employees accountable without damaging company cultureMany business leaders have worked hard to build their company’s culture, only to realize that they’ve created a culture without accountability. There’s a healthy work/life balance and employees enjoy being together, but productivity isn’t as strong as it should be and no one seems to be on the same page.

Many leaders are afraid of being “the heavy” and ruining company culture by suddenly holding employees accountable for their work. How can you create accountability throughout your organization without damaging morale?

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