Solving the ‘Aunt Matilda’ Issue In Your Family Business

Whether it’s an ‘Aunt Matilda’ or a ‘Cousin Jack,’ EOS reminds us to focus on structure first, people second. Of course, everyone needs to be in sync with the business’s core values and everyone needs to GWC™ their seat, family or not!

Sometimes the right person for a seat in your family business is the right person… sometimes it’s not.

Certified EOS Implementer® Sara Stern explains how using the Accountability Chart can give you crystal clear vision in finding the right person for the right seat in your business.

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Solving a Family Feud In A Family Business

wo angry business partners and family members fighting

wo angry business partners and family members fightingDuring the Issues Solving Track™ (IDS™) of a recent quarterly meeting with a family business, two brothers started having this conversation: 

Mark: “I’m sick of you taking jabs at me in these meetings!”

Scott: “I’m sick of you always thinking you’re right”

Mark:  “Are you going to accuse me of being mom’s favorite again?”

Scott:  “You ARE Mom’s favorite!”

Mark:  “I can’t do this with you.”

Rest of the team: (looking nervously at the floor)

Me: Time out!

Sheesh! Does this sound familiar? 

When tensions boil over and family members on the leadership team have at it, nothing gets done and everyone else loses trust that they can be open and honest with each other.

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“I Bought The Business, But My Dad Won’t Let Me Run The Place”

EOS-leadership-legacy-part2Recently, one of my clients started using EOS® after he bought a business from his dad. After the purchase was completed and the money deposited in the bank accounts, his dad left to retire in a warm climate. But it wasn’t long before he returned, figuratively flying in the window of the business, dumping on everything, then flying out again. My client called it “Seagull Management.”

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