Top 10 Reasons to Hire an EOS® Implementer

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“Why should I hire you to implement EOS® when I can implement the system myself?” The question came from a seasoned entrepreneur as he looked me straight in the eye. He didn’t mean it as a challenge but as an honest question. I told him I’d give him 10 reasons to hire an EOS Implementer® rather than DIY-ing it.


Given our commitment to making EOS Tools widely available, this question comes up a lot. Plus, the accessibility of the EOS Model®, as laid out in Traction, makes implementing EOS look simple.

And honestly, some companies may be in a place where “doing it on your own” makes sense for now. Whether because of cost, time, restructuring, or dozens of other reasons, they need time. Some may just like getting their hands dirty and tinkering on their own first.

But for most, partnering with an EOS Implementer means hitting the gas. So the question is really how quickly and completely do you want to make a difference in your business?

The Implementer Difference

1. Human Nature

Implementers help you focus on what you need to do versus human nature’s tendency to do what you want to do. We make sure you tackle the tough work.

2. Objectivity

We provide an external, independent, and trusted perspective to challenge your way of thinking and acting. You’ve worked in the weeds for a long time; we can take the higher view.

3. Capacity Building

We help you increase your ability to manage your next challenge… which you know is coming any day. This allows you to take on more, more efficiently.

4. Speed

An Implementer will help you get up to speed faster than you could on your own. We know which tools to use and when, how to power through the roadblocks, and how to get your team on board.

5. Habit

We help you make permanent changes in your organization so that EOS locks in. We’ll keep you and your team accountable to maintaining those habits.

6. Seasoning

Most Implementers have walked in your shoes, running small and medium-sized businesses ourselves. Weve braved the same fire youre in now.

7. Peer-to-Peer

Our past business experience enables us to communicate with other CEOs on a peer-to-peer basis. We understand the pressures you face and the issues important to you.

8. Experience

Most EOS Implementers have 20 to 30 years of business experience. We know what it takes to ensure sustainable growth.

9. Integrity

As Implementers, our name is on the line, and your success is our success. Our practice depends on the goodwill we create with integrity and enduring relationships.

10. Accountability

We provide a high level of accountability. We obsess over execution, traction, getting it done, and concluding.

If you have the resources to engage an Implementer, I highly recommend making the investment in yourself and your business. Like trying to DIY a kitchen remodel watching YouTube videos, you could probably do a decent job self-implementing. But the external objectivity, expertise, and ability an Implementer brings help you and your team get there faster. And time saved far outweighs the perceived savings of a DIY job.


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