Make Your Meetings Great!

Assuming you’re having regular meetings with your leadership team—we recommend 90 minutes per week with the following Level 10 meeting agenda (download here)—there’s a way to improve, evolve, and perfect your meetings with a very simple discipline.

It’s rating every meeting.

If you always make your last agenda item “1–10 rating,” you’ll see instant improvements.

It works like this: At the end, the person running the meeting says, “Okay, let’s rate the meeting. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best), how’d we do?”

Each person then openly and honestly verbally rates the meeting. This gives you the reality of how you are doing. My advice is that you should always expect an average of 8 or better (preferably 9). If you’re getting lower ratings, ask the scorer(s), “What would make it a 10 for you?” and you’ll get great feedback on how to improve your meetings as a team.

Try it this week—it works!

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