Defining Your Path: What’s Your Core Focus?

Getting off track is easy in today’s fast-paced, digital world. Even the strongest leadership teams find themselves getting easily distracted by new opportunities for the business or new business ventures altogether, while others simply become bored with what they are presently doing and stop trying to improve.

Business coaching teaches the importance of developing clarifying an organization’s reason for being. EOS calls this your Core Focus, your company’s compass setting, in order to develop providing direction for setting long and guidance related to long term and short-term goals setting. The role of a leadership team in any type of organization is to discover and establish the Core Focus and help everyone in the business stay laser-focused on it. By developing and maintaining focus on the main purpose goals of the business, leadership teams can reduce or eliminate tangential distractions and maintain focus on the few things that will lead to long term growth and financial success. Instead of being distracted by false opportunities and poor business decisions, entire Organizations can make tremendous strides in the business when they maintain a crystal clear focus.

One of the most important roles of a business coach, or specifically an EOS Implementer, is to work with leadership teams to define their Core Focus and help them take steps to ensure that they are doing what is needed to stay on top of their progress. Sometimes, this may mean cutting staff that doesn’t fit into your long-term plan or changing some of your internal processes in order to streamline your efforts. No matter what kind of action is taken, each initiative or change that is made should be in full alignment with reflect your Core Focus and represent the direction your leadership team is taking the business in.

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