Focus Day™ Knockouts

Focus Day Knockouts

Any leadership team who has survived an EOS Focus Day™ knows how grueling they can be. Call me a sick puppy, but I enjoy Focus Day knockouts with my clients. If I don’t seriously challenge how they operate today, then what kind of EOS Implementer® would I be?

What Makes Focus Days So Hard?

We use focus days to learn the EOS Tools, clarify who’s responsible for what, and set priorities and expectations. We resolve issues, start tracking critical numbers, and might go through a bottle of aspirin and a box of tissues.

Yeah, things get that real. Sometimes, it’s the first time the leadership team has communicated effectively with each other. Literally the first time ever.

Looking at every aspect of the business in one day is intense. I tell my clients that if they don’t feel overwhelmed, then I just didn’t do my job. At the end of that day, everyone should feel exhausted, including me.

Tough But Fun

That might sound a bit harsh, but growing pains literally come with the process. In the end, those pains will be worth it, and we’ll actually have fun doing it. I promise. But don’t confuse fun with easy. Nothing worth doing is easy.

When clients work with me, what they see is what they get. I think you can grow as a business, learn a lot, and still have fun doing it. Otherwise, what’s the point? I can’t operate any other way.

With 30 years of business experience under my belt, I can relate to my clients, which also means, I’m not taking it easy on you on Focus Day. I KNOW what you need to go through to succeed.

Client Fit for Great Knockouts

Over the years I’ve learned the importance of having a great fit with my clients. It means just as much to them as it does to me. Why? Because when we work together, we need to have an open and honest relationship.

If I need to make everything serious, then I’ll hate every minute of it. That will show and my clients will hate every minute, too. Some leaders really do want someone serious about everything. I tell them I can hook them up with a bunch of EOS Implementers® who are, but that’s just not my style.

If I don’t fit with a prospective client, I help them find someone who might. I enjoy networking and connecting people to each other. I’ve made it my personal mission to help as many people as possible.

Sometimes that means I get to deliver those Focus Day knockouts. Other times, I give that pleasure to someone else. Either way, the client got what they had coming: the foundation for a healthy, growing company.



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