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Leadership Team I am sitting in a session with a client and we are making sure to flush out all the issues.

The sales and marketing director is going through his list as I write them up on the board. He finishes his list by saying, “And I need to be on the Issues List as well.” This gathered a few looks but I told the group that we had bigger fish to fry so we were not going to dive into solving any of the issues just yet.

We worked through the day, learning a new tool and setting our Rocks (priorities) for the quarter when we finally got to issue solving. The team’s interest was definitely peaked at this point so we started with the sales and marketing director’s comment.

He identified his concerns by saying, “I don’t have the skill set to do this job at the level the company needs.” As we worked through the issue, the group came to the conclusion that he was right and we needed to get a more experienced person for that position. He wasn’t in the right seat. But, then the owner said, “This definitely confirms you are the right person. What seat do you think would be a good fit?”

Is Your Team Willing to Demote Themselves for the Greater Good of the Company?

This is just one of the great stories of how EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) helps build healthy, high functioning teams. When I started this process with this company, the sales and marketing director would not have made the same decision. But as the team became clearer on where they were going as a company and what everyone would be accountable for, he was able to see he was not in the right seat. 

Take a look around your company and make sure your leadership team and staff are looking out for the greater good – the company.

Next Steps

  • Download the Issues Solving Track™ from the EOS Toolbox to learn how to IDS™ (Identify, Discuss, and Solve) issues more effectively.
  • Download the How to Be a Great Boss Toolkit to access free tools and resources to help you lead, manage, and create accountability on your team.
  • Download a copy of the Accountability Chart from the EOS Toolbox to help you discover the right structure for your company.

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