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Vision. I went to the eye doctor and for the first time, I couldn’t read anything below the top line. Really?!! And how many other reminders do I need that I’m aging?

It occurred to me while I was ruminating in my newly identified, near-sighted blur, that this is what it’s like for our people when they can’t “see” what we’re saying.

The letters are there, but they’re fuzzy. The goals are there, but they’re fuzzy—our employees don’t see them as clearly as we do—they can’t, unless we tell them, and often.

Many Employees, One Vision

If we as owners and leadership teams are unclear about our company’s vision, our employees can’t know, care, or help us to reach that vision. In other words, it’s fuzzy. Until we clarify, simplify, and document exactly who we are, where we’re going, and how we’ll measure success, we’ll never realize our long-term goals.

Once our company’s vision is clear, stated in simple terms and documented, the discipline begins.

It must be a vision that’s shared by all. It’s like having one lens that everyone sees through—a vision that offers both long- and short-term predictions, measures, and goals. NOTHING is fuzzy. Your entire company must understand and support that vision. We like to say, “One voice, one vision, one team.”

To Keep Your Vision, You Must Maintain It

It takes time, repetition, and consistency, and many of us don’t have the patience or discipline to see it through. I can relate, as I’ve been squinting to see the things that are no longer clear, when simply slipping on some glasses would clarify my world (and lessen the wrinkles I’m causing around my eyes).

It’s the same when we’re 100% aligned, with our entire team singing off the same sheet of music. There’s less friction, the team moves in unison, and it’s like an entire orchestra is playing where there once were only single instruments.

We EOS Implementers® have learned it takes people seven times on average to hear something for the first time. It’s like cleaning your glasses and tightening the temples—we must repeat our vision every 90 days or our world becomes fuzzy again.

Your Company’s Guiding Force

Like your sight, your vision should be your guiding force. It must encompass all aspects of your company: who you are (Core Values), why you are in business and what you have superior skill to do (Core Focus™), how you’ll let people know (Marketing Strategy), and how you’ll get there (10-Year Target™, 3-Year Picture™, 1-year plan, and Quarterly Rocks).

When alignment and clarity are attained, it’s like seeing the world with new eyes. Said another way, it’s like putting on a fresh pair of glasses that allow you to see the details and color you’ve been missing. Without them, the world is a blur and you’re adding unnecessary stress to your system.

Vision. There’s a lot going on out there if you can actually see it!

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