Improving Leadership With the Power of 7

photo-of-people-having-conversation-3184285I recently had a slightly humorous, but nonetheless, very forceful reminder of the power of repetition when communicating with your team.

In the world of EOS®, we subscribe to the premise that you have to say something seven times to be truly heard.

The Power Of Repetition On Display

I was in the food court by my office a couple of days ago waiting for my lunch order, listening for my number to be called.

“17 and 21,” called out the lady behind the counter. No reaction in the waiting crowd of people. “17, 21!” she cried a second time.

Still no recognition or movement.

She paused for about ten seconds, prepped the next couple of orders and then called out “17, 21,” a little louder.

No response.

By this stage, I am quite intrigued and I’m looking around the crowd trying to identify who could be the owners of these two orders.

“Seventeeeen!” “Twenteeee Onnnnne!”

Growing louder, she shouted out “17! 21!” two more times in quick succession. The crowd finally began to stir but no one stepped forward.

“Seventeeeeeeeen and Twenteeeeee Onnnne,” she called once more hitting the magic seven times.

Suddenly two guys standing separately, but only about three feet from the counter the entire time, move forward to collect their lunches.

Seven times she called and on the seventh try, they heard her as though it was the first time she spoke.

The 7th Time Is The 1st Time

Looking at the server, it was clear that this was nothing new. She understood the power of repetition when communicating. Rather than getting frustrated with her clients, she kept calm and maintained her pattern knowing that she will eventually be heard.

How’s your communication with your team?

When you introduce a new idea, are you getting frustrated that no one seems to be listening? Or are you counting off the times knowing that by the time you get to seven, your team will finally hear what you are saying as though you have said it for the first time?

The power of repetition along with the simple adjustment in your mindset can make a big difference to your level of frustration and in your effectiveness as a leader.

Next Steps:

  • Download the Issues Solving Track from the EOS Toolbox™ to learn how to IDS (Identify, Discuss, and Solve) issues more effectively.
  • Unlock the EOS Toolbox to download a copy of the Level 10 Meeting™ Agenda.
  • Take the Organizational Checkup® to get a picture of your company’s strengths and weaknesses, along with a roadmap for improvement.

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