Use Your Marketing Strategy as a Recruiting Tool

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One of the very first things business leaders implementing EOS® do is complete the Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO™).

In that exercise, leaders develop a clear marketing strategy, including target markets, 3 Uniques™, and their proven process and guarantee. All of this seeks to put laser focus on getting the best-fitting clients for their products and services (and keeping them). But in today’s unprecedented battle to attract and retain top talent, companies that don’t build a recruiting EOS marketing strategy could miss out.

Standing Out in Fierce Competition

As a business owner, you’re probably used to assessing how your company sizes up against other businesses in your field. Although some industries have stiffer competition than others, every single company must demonstrate value for its customers. Finding your 3 Uniques and communicating your worth helps you stand out from others with similar products and services.

Businesses looking to hire new employees now face a similar competition for the best employees. With The Great Resignation in full swing, it has become an employee’s market. The best and brightest in the talent pool can be more choosy about where they work. Your business has to stand out from those offering positions to these talented candidates. High-quality employee talent has now become your number one “customer.”

So how do you get the right “customers” to join your team?

Finding the Right Prospective Employees

By using your marketing strategy as a recruiting tool, you can start to attract the right talent. That means no false starts with bad fits or discovering that candidates used your offer as leverage for other offers.

I’ve had a few clients who needed to hire highly specialized professionals, but who simply couldn’t afford those premium salaries. However, they could afford someone who could grow into becoming that person.

So where did these come-ups come from? We did some research, made the list of the right people, and conducted our own headhunts. Through the Target Market exercise, we identified unifying traits that indicated the type of rising talent poised for long-term success. By targeting their search as they would for their ideal customers, my client got the brainpower. And they got 90% of the experience they wanted in a candidate. They also retained talent for a small fraction of the cost of the executive they would have gone after otherwise. Better yet, their new hire fit their culture, had the skills they needed, and was EXCITED to join the team.

Recruiting Tactics

Much of new hires’ excitement comes from their impression of the company they plan to join. With endless companies hiring, only companies who offer value propositions to their employees will win out. Multiple clients of mine showcased their 3 Uniques to distinguish themselves. They secured the team members they sought, sometimes even at salaries less than their competition offered. How? Because they could clearly articulate why candidates would want to work at their businesses.

My clients each started with a clear message shining out to the world. Then they used that message to ensure they could take candidates from “interested” to “in the company.”

They built Employee-Proven Processes. Then they guided candidates through them during the entire recruitment process. They painted a picture of what it’s like to work at their company at every stage. Pretty soon their sticking point became a strength. And with their employee guarantees and proven processes, they blew their competition out of the water.

If you find yourself struggling to hire good people, consider thinking of your candidates as prospective clients. What makes your organization so special? What type of person would fit best into your business culture? To get the most out of implementing EOS in your business, sometimes you have to think outside the box.

Are you having trouble getting started or haven’t completed a V/TO yet? If you find yourself struggling to get the Right People in the Right Seats, feel free to reach out! I’d be happy to walk you through the process for your own company.


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