New to EOS®? Make It Work For You!

When companies prepare to roll out EOS to their employees, their teams can understandably need clarification. Those leadership teams use different words and talk about a lot (like a LOT) of new processes. Below are three things you can do to make EOS work for you.

1. Commit to Learn

There’s going to be a learning curve at the beginning of doing anything new. Come in with an open mind and willingness to learn. Change management tells us there are always roughly 30% willing to jump right in (aka the early adopters). Half the population will sit around waiting to see what others do. The final 20% resist the change, and most never change. Which category do you see yourself in? 

It takes effort to learn EOS terms and processes. If you’re committed to learning, you should be willing to change and open to doing something new (even if you don’t want to go first).

2. Ask Questions

Most companies roll out EOS to their team by having them read What the Heck is EOS? This book breaks down and explains the most useful terms and concepts of EOS. At the end of each chapter, readers are invited to ask their manager questions. By the way, managers can pose questions around these same topics to their direct reports.

Leaders need their direct reports to ask questions because that’s the best way they can help them. Since everyone is learning, the answers may not be as readily apparent. However, finding the answers together builds trust and buy-in to keep everyone on the same page.

3. Commit to Lead

One of my core beliefs is that everybody in an organization leads. It doesn’t matter where you sit on The Accountability Chart or whether you have any direct reports. Think about what leadership looks like from your seat. By the way, there aren’t set answers for every role. You have to make that your own. 

As your company begins its EOS Journey, the goal is for everyone to arrive at the same destination. How can you encourage others, help them get up to speed, and add your energy to the common goal? With everyone working rowing in the same direction, more will get done, and you’ll find you have more fun along the way.

Working Together

No matter where you sit in the organization, the most important thing is that you head toward that common destination. The twists and turns, as well as the ups and downs along the way, create the experiences that make the EOS Journey more meaningful.

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