Three Signs You Need a Stronger Integrator™

As the lifeblood of a leadership team, the Integrator serves as an invaluable leader in any organization. A great Integrator has extensive knowledge about all levels of the business and constantly works to move the business forward. Before identifying the three signs that you need a stronger Integrator, let’s get on the same page about the Integrator’s role in your business.

What Does an Integrator Do?

Integrators need a unique set of skills to bring value to their organization. They must be a skillful communicator, a loyal team player, and a capable leader. They cultivate a Grow or Die mindset throughout the entire organization.

The Integrator should:

  • Faithfully execute the company’s business plan
  • Hold the company accountable for achieving its goals
  • Work seamlessly with the Visionary
  • Ensure that the company’s core processes are being followed by all team members
  • Problem-solve in an effective and healthy way
  • Foster transparency within company communications
  • Ensure that all teams are rowing in the same direction

Integrators know where the issues hide, how to solve them, and how to make the tough calls when needed. Without a great Integrator, many organizations feel frustrated, scattered, and unproductive. To avoid long-term problems in your company, see below for three signs that you might need a stronger Integrator. 

Sign 1: Lack of Accountability

When a team lacks accountability, you’ll start to notice things slipping. Without a strong Integrator at the helm, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Rock completion falls below 80% each quarter
  • Less than 90% of To-Dos actually get To-Done each week
  • Little to no follow-through on Scorecard numbers
  • Consistent failure to achieve company goals

Everyone will see and feel these tangible indicators of a lack of accountability. You’ll need a stronger Integrator to hold your teams accountable and get the company back on track.

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Sign 2: Recurring Issues

You may notice your company struggling with the same recurring issues. Even when you Identify, Discuss, and Solve (IDS™) issues, they never seem to go away forever. Any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Similar issues keep resurfacing, and no one can figure out what to say about them or how to solve them.
  • Your weekly meetings seem to remain only at the surface level, and your To-Do list feels flimsy and repetitive.
  • Your team feels frustrated by the failure to solve your issues at the root.

These indicate you need a stronger Integrator to help your team IDS deeper root issues that hinder your company’s success. A great Integrator will create space to have open and honest conversations for the greater good of the organization.

Sign 3: Slow Decision-Making

When your team suffers through slow and painful decision-making processes, morale plummets and productivity grinds to a halt. Without someone making quick decisions:

  • Your meetings feel more like a chore than a productive team effort. The team doesn’t meet its goals, and the same issues pop up over and over. No one seems to know how to address these problems at the leadership level.
  • You rely on consensus management and hope everyone gets on the same page. Lengthy conversations end with zero actions or concrete decisions. If they do produce decisions, without follow-through the outcomes rarely come to fruition.
  • No one steps in on politicking or serves as a tie-breaker in stalemates to make the final call on important team decisions.

These common symptoms indicate that the Integrator is failing to uphold their commitment to the organization. If you identify with any or all of these examples, your company needs an Integrator, or a stronger one.

The best Integrators bring accountability, leadership, and order to your company to keep everyone rowing in the same direction. They help first, push toward company growth, do the right thing, and willingly enter the danger when needed. Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination outlines resources to help an Integrator develop stronger skills.

Not sure where to start in helping your current Integrator do better? Visionaries and Integrators can join the FREE Rocket Fuel Community for additional videos and resources with actionable tips. Membership also includes monthly Q&A calls and a community board to IDS in real-time with this engaged peer group.

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