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While many entrepreneurs would agree that it takes “good people” to run a successful organization, exactly what does “good people” mean?

For starters, they’re employees who share your core values. They’re a good fit for your organization and your organization is a good fit for them. They have the talent, skills, and experience to excel at something that’s critical to your business.

Unfortunately, “people problems” can be a frequent and painful cause of frustration, leaving you struggling to find and keep the people you want and need most.

Here are five blog posts that will help you create an organization filled with the “good people” you’d love to have (and keep!) in your business:

Four Ways To Use Your Core Values To Attract And Hire Great People

Attracting and building a pipeline of high-quality candidates can be a challenge. One good way to attract talent and evaluate candidates is to infuse your companies core values into your processes. Start with these fundamentals and then experiment until you find what works best for you and your company.


No More ‘Guess Who’ with GWC™

You may have inherited, hired, or even promoted people into your team, only to get the feeling that they don’t have what it takes to be successful and deliver results. GWC enables leaders to solve this issue quickly and objectively by asking of your people: Do they get it? Do they want it?. Do they have the capacity to do it?


Setting Standards With The People Analyzer™

The People Analyzer establishes the minimum acceptable standards for employees and is a great tool for leadership teams to use when hiring, compensating, reviewing, and terminating employees.

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5 Reasons To Ditch Your Org Chart

Use the Accountability Chart over an organizational chart to easily uncover organizational weaknesses and address them swiftly. Although it may be hard to eliminate your organizational chart completely, you’ll find the Accountability Chart makes it easier to understand who’s accountable for what, and how that translates into building a great organization.


3 Strike Rule: When And How To Use It

Most entrepreneurs fly by the seat of their pants when addressing performance issues. The 3 Strike Rule is a simple process for addressing people issues before they blow out of control. It provides clear guidance for managers and employees and helps reinforce a culture of excellence.



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