Tips for Hiring Great People

You probably work hard to attract great employees to your company. You want the best! But what does the “best” really mean?

Of course, we all want great people, but the reality is that the definition of “great” is different for every organization, including yours!

In his classic book, Good to Great, Jim Collins refers to the importance of getting the “right people on the bus” and then getting them all in the “right seats.” This is key, because who we attract and hire to our organization takes precedence over what they do. You simply can’t achieve consistent results until you get the right people in place.

EOS-hiring-rightUse the Accountability Chart

EOS® run companies use the Accountability Chart as their trusted roadmap to help land the right people in the right seats.

At first glance, it may look like an org chart, but it’s much different. The most important benefit of the Accountability Chart is that it helps define the right structure for your company first and then guides you in hiring the right people.

Your Core Values Will Lead You to the Right People

The term “Core Values” may be a bit overused in today’s business environment, but when truly understood, there’s no better barometer for attracting the right people. In their simplest form, Core Values represent who you are as an organization – it’s your company’s personality or culture. Once you’re clear about this, you can confidently go about attracting the right people to your organization.

Clear Roles and Responsibilities Will Lead the Right People to the Right Seats

The Accountability Chart consists of functions (or “seats”) that represent the right structure for your business. Add 3 – 7 high-level roles/responsibilities to each seat and you will gain the clarity around what your people need to accomplish in each of the seats. Now you have set up the formula to achieve “right people/right seats.”

Use the People Analyzer

Another great EOS tool is the People Analyzer™ which helps provide an objective assessment of a candidate and/or employees culture fit (Core Values/Right People) along with their ability to do the job (GWC™/right seat). This will help you make a confident decision around hiring and/or addressing issues with existing employees.

How to Attract the Best People

Similar to a good marketing campaign to gain new clients, you must do the same to attract great employees! Here are few tips to get you started:

  • Include and promote your company’s Core Values and Core Focus™ in all job postings.
  • Incorporate open-ended questions in the hiring process to help determine if the candidate truly exhibits your Core Values.
  • Make sure to get references and call them to assess the candidate’s alignment with your Core Values and the specific job requirements. It’s always beneficial to get first-hand feedback from former employers and colleagues.

The key to hiring great people is to make sure you’re clear about what “great” means in your organization and then confidently solicit and vet them through your hiring process.

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