Clarity Break™ Thoughts for Entrepreneurial Leaders

Be Where You Are When You’re There

Are you proud of your ability to multi-task? Can you close a deal, hire someone, attend a video conference AND make dinner plans – all while driving your car?

Many entrepreneurs are not only capable of keeping all those plates spinning, they’re fiercely proud of it. Yes, it is true that cramming 20 pounds of productivity into a 10 pound bag can be an important skill when you’re building a great business from scratch. However, it’s also true that all frenetic multi-taskers reach a point of diminishing returns as their businesses and teams grow.

The fact is, none of us do our best work when we’re not fully present. If you’re a visionary entrepreneur, much of what you’ve built started with your ability to think and create something from scratch. This work is best done without distraction, without the inevitable pull of “stuff” that needs to get done. When you’re fleshing out one of those big ideas, you then need to research, test, and learn from your successes and failuresall stuff that’s best done when you can slow down, tune in, and really observe and learn.

Clarity Break

Are You Fully Present and Engaged?

As you hire and empower other capable people, they also need your undivided attention from time to time. They need to clearly understand your vision, get your feedback on a company Rock or important hire, maybe just get to know what’s going on inside that visionary brain of yours. All these things require you to be fully present, to eliminate distractions, and to show up as your best self.

How many devices are you connected to right now? Are you racing around from one fire to the next? Are you reading this blog post while on the phone with a client, employee or family member? Did you check email, text or voice messages under the table during a meeting today?

If so, you’re just not present. You’re not fully engaged in the task at hand or with the people in the room. You’re not focused. And no matter how good you are at multi-tasking, you can’t do your best thinking, strategizing, leading, and deciding without being present. And we can tell. Your family, your leadership team, even your employees and vendors can tell.

Slow Down and Give Your Best Self

So, don’t be afraid to slow down. Consider taking a regular Clarity Break™ to give yourself time to think, and to ready your best self for what’s ahead in the coming week. It’s okay to keep doing lots of stuff. Just try to do it one important thing at a time, with 100% of your focus and attention.

Being where you are when you’re there will make you AND those around you better, smarter, faster, and healthier.

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