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90-Day World

Instead of giving up on your goals every year, master the “90-Day World™” and you’ll stay focused, get better results, and achieve your vision.

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Is That Really a Rock?

Rocks are just priorities — the 3 to 7 most important things you must accomplish in the next ninety days. Company rocks are priorities for the company, departmental rocks are priorities for your department, and individual rocks are priorities for you or another individual. As simple as that sounds, it’s easy to overcomplicate rocks.


There is no magic formula for what constitutes a rock it’s simply a priority that will take longer than 7 days (those action items are To-Dos) and up to ninety days to complete.

Here are a few questions I get asked often in sessions, with corresponding answers.

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EOS Graduation: Achieve Your Independence!

in·de·pend·ence (noun): not dependent; strong and able to survive on one’s own. When embarking on a journey to implement EOS, the goal is to regain control of your business. That happens when you become strong in the Six Key Components™.  At that point, you’ve got a clear vision, great people, and are executing with confidence.

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Grow or Die?

“When faced with a radical crisis, when the old way of being in the world, of interacting with each other and with the realm of nature doesn’t work anymore, when survival is threatened by seemingly insurmountable problems, an individual life-form — or a species — will either die or become extinct or rise above the

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