There are two distinct types of leaders in all entrepreneurial businesses: Visionaries and Integrators. Visionaries see the future. Integrators make it happen. These two roles could not be more different, ... Read more

Are you preparing your company to sell or at least want to give yourself the option? Where should you start if you want to get the most for your business? ... Read more

Join EOS Implementer® Haraya Del Rosario Gust for a virtual We Run on EOS Event.

IDS business issues with other Visionaries and Integrators running their businesses on EOS. Hear what others want to know and how they solve issues — facilitated by an EOS Implementer®.

This Masterclass can help you learn how to foster a better relationship with your Visionary while connecting you to a supportive community of other Integrators who get it!

In this workshop, EOS Implementer Joe Paulsen will teach you 5 Leadership and 5 Management Practices that will help you be a Great Boss. They’ll also teach you a process and give you some simple tools that will improve your communication skills, create clear expectations and help you deal with common “people issues”.


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