Achieving 100% Rock Completion – Yes, it is possible

Achieving 100% Rock Completion – Yes, it is possible

During EOS sessions, setting “Rocks” is a pivotal practice for guiding organizations towards completing their quarterly goals/priorities. However, the challenge doesn’t end with setting these Rocks; the real test is in completing them. From my experience, the success rate of completing Rocks can significantly increase by adopting a systematic approach right from the start. Here’s a guide to help you and your team cross the finish line with your Rocks.

Start Strong with the Golden 24-Hour Rule

The first step towards ensuring the completion of your Rocks begins in what I call the “Golden 24-Hours.” I borrowed this concept from my friends at The Strategic Coach.  This period refers to the first 24 hours immediately following your EOS session. During this crucial time, the momentum is strongest and the commitment to your goals is most palpable.

I recommend setting aside two hours in this golden period. This time allows your team to process, reflect, and shift from planning to doing, ensuring you keep the session’s core ideas alive.

Strategize with a Divide and Conquer Approach

During the allocated two hours, leadership team members should collaboratively review the session notes. The objective is to dissect the agreed-upon Rocks into manageable parts. I suggest dividing each Rock into 6 to 10 milestone Rocks. This breakdown makes the goals seem less daunting and provides a clear path forward.

Milestones act as weekly checkpoints. They help track progress and maintain momentum. Each milestone achieved is a mini victory, keeping the team motivated and focused, and the Rock “on track’.

Daily Commitment

Consistency is key to achieving long-term goals. Hence, I advocate for blocking your best and most productive hour each day exclusively to work on your Rocks. This practice ensures that progress is made steadily and that the Rocks remain a top priority amidst the day-to-day operations.

Follow these steps, and you, like many of my clients, could see completion rates of 80% to 100% for your Rocks.

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