Recurring Issues? Fix Them for Good!

Why reinvent the wheel? 

Does that question ring a bell? I’m sure it does for you as much as it does for many business leaders I work with every day. Think about how many times you’ve explained a process to someone or answered a question over and over and over again. Now think about how many times your leadership team, department managers, and others have done the same thing.

Concerned about consistency in how things are done?

Recurring problems are prohibitive to growth and profitability. Spending time readdressing issues is time that is significantly more effective when focused on growing the business and systemizing operations. So where do you start?

EOS is an Operating System. As an EOS Implementer my role is to coach you and your team to clarify issues and the root cause of them, discuss them and then solve them for the long term. One part of the work includes The Issues Solving Track, which you can download from the EOS Toolbox here.  EOS as a whole helps you to compartmentalize issues and stay focused on what matters. Learn more about Why EOS works here on

IDS =  Identify, Discuss, Solve

First, we’ll prioritize the top 3 issues for your business – problems, obstacles, barriers, etc. – and then follow the Issues Solving Track to resolve them, for good!

  • Identify – find and state the real issue
  • Discuss – in an open, honest environment we discuss together
  • Solve – the team arrives at a collective agreement and puts solution on a to-do list

If you’d like to learn more about IDS and how EOS can help your business solve recurring problems for good, then let’s talk soon. And, if you know another business leader, client, or even vendors you’re working with who may be struggling with the same issues, please share this with them.


Know Someone Impacted by COVID and Could Use TRACTION?

We'll send someone the book TRACTION. Tell us whoDo you know someone who could benefit from learning more about The Entrepreneurial Operating System? We would love to help! Gino Wickman’s book TRACTION is a guide for entrepreneurs and business leaders navigating through the six key components of business and growth. TRACTION is a great first step towards achieving business goals.

What Business Leader Will You Choose?

I will send a free copy of the book TRACTION, on your behalf, along with a personal note from you. Sharing this book with other business leaders you know can help them get control back for their business and thrive! From your local landscape, HVAC, or plumbing company to construction contractors, fitness centers, and others who are facing these challenges head-on, who would you send this to? Simply email me with their name, company name, address, and the message you have for them. Together, we can help them rediscover their north star again!



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