Right People, Right Seats. You Have to Have Both to Achieve Success. Part 1 of 4.

This month we’re going to be talking about one of your most important assets, and expenses – PEOPLE! 

Why? Many people are returning to work and many of my clients are hiring, as well as myself by adding a virtual assistant to my team. Everyone is asking the same questions:  

  • How do I know if they are the right person? 
  • Will they fit with us?  

Or, perhaps you’re in the position of having to reduce your team due to COVID’s impact. It is just as important to make sure you keep the right people for the right seat!


2 Key EOS Tools

There are 2 tools in the EOS Toolbox that help with getting true clarity evaluating the people on your team and those you’re looking to add to the team. They are The People Analyzer Tool & GWC.


The People Analyzer – Cultural Fit

The People Analyzer is used to rate how existing and potential team members fit your company’s core values. People are rated by your team with a  “+”, “– “ or  “+/-” – to keep it very simple. Ratings are added up. I recommend that you set an acceptable “bar” for the number of pluses, plus-minus, and never a minus for any existing or future employee. When your new hires or existing employees hit that bar, you know you’re on track having the right people on the team, with the same values.


GWC Get It + Want It + Capacity to Do It 

As you add people or have to make tough staffing cuts, you need people who meet all three of these criteria for the role they’re in. This evaluation clarifies if people are in the right position for your entire team, and quickly. 

  • Do they get it? People either get it or they don’t when it comes to their role and responsibilities. Does it come naturally to them? Do they wake up knowing how to perform their role? And are they naturally inclined to do so?
  • Do they want it? You can tell when someone likes their job or not. They wake up excited about the work they’re doing and responsible for their own performance. You’ve probably had employees who don’t want a particular role, and you can tell the difference. 
  • Do they have the capacity/capability to do it? Does the person you’re looking at for the particular role have the right education, training, experience to do the job today, and in the future? This is also making sure they have the time to perform this role well. 

If you find yourself or your leadership team sayin” “no: to any of these items about a candidate or even existing staff member, then you will know that person is the best fit for that seat. Be honest! While you may be desperate to fill a position, there is nothing like the wrong person in the wrong seat to create a disruption in your company.  

You will never achieve success, or reach your goals if you don’t have the Right Person in the Right Seat for every seat in your organization.

Getting the right person for the job and who fits your company culture is so important for your business to reach the next level. Next week I will share a story about how a company’s leadership team used these tools to understand why a great employee left their company. 


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