The Chief Reminding Officer

One of the most exciting days in the EOS Journey is when the Vision/Traction Organizer (V/TO) is complete, and the leadership team is 100% aligned on a common Vision for what they want from the business. Next comes getting the vision Shared by All. For companies running on EOS, the work of sharing the vision to get buy-in and engagement never ends. All leaders carry the unofficial title of “Chief Reminding Officer” because human nature means we need to hear something seven times before really hearing it for the first time!

How do we build awareness and buy-in for our Vision with our entire team?

Fortunately, the EOS Process and EOS Tools contain some built-in rituals to help team reinforce the Vision so that most employees are exposed seven or more times every year:

  1. Interviewing: New prospects hear about the Core Values as part of our screening process.
  2. Onboarding: New employees learn about the V/TO in their first weeks on the job.
  3. The Meeting Pulse: Departmental teams and leaders meeting for Quarterly Planning and for weekly Level-10 Meetings to fine-tune the Vision, set new Rocks and hold one another accountable for results.
  4. Quarterly Conversations: Every employee participates in quarterly updates on their performance and shares expectations with their supervisor. In these meetings, Core Values are reinforced, and Rocks (90-day priorities) are established.
  5. State-of-the-Company Meetings: Each quarter, leaders review organizational progress and news using a simple agenda:

Where we’ve been:

  • Remind everyone about the 1-Year Plan
  • Share the previous quarter’s Company Rocks and show performance (inclusive of measurables)
  • Provide your opinion about the previous quarter’s performance

Where we are:

  • Update on the status of any big projects underway
  • Recognize people and departments for achieving at a high level
  • Recognize people exhibiting Core Values

Where we are going:

  • “Share the Vision” time, back to the V/TO.
  • Share the Core Values (your Core Values Speech)
  • Review your Core Focus, the 10-Year Target, the Marketing Strategy, the 3-Year Picture, the 1-Year Plan (for the second time) and lay out the next quarter’s Company Rocks.

Scheduling quarterly State-of-the-Company Meetings 12 months in advance assures that everyone stays on the same page, focused on the same goals, rowing in the same direction as they encounter the inevitable twists and turns of working in an entrepreneurial organization.

By using the EOS Tools and becoming a great “Chief Reminding Officer”, leaders can be certain that everyone in the organization understands the Vision and can celebrate progress.

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