Traction Tip: Proven Process = Client Experience

Have you ever wondered what your contractor or supplier is doing, or questioned: “Where are we?” As a buyer, no one enjoys not knowing. Your customers don’t either. So, why not tell them upfront what the process is and what they can expect from your organization? By eliminating the unknowns and uncertainties, your prospects gain confidence in your ability to deliver.

The EOS® Proven Process is a simple visual that communicates how your business delivers your product or service. It’s your process that has proven over and over again to provide consistent, predictable results. And when shared with prospective customers, their questions and hesitancies are alleviated.

Two things to consider: Teams often confuse the proven process with their operational processes. The two couldn’t be more different. The proven process communicates what your customer can expect – their experience. The objectives is to tell them their story and what it will be like to do business with you.

Secondly, the proven process should be visual with very few words, if any. It’s easier for humans to recognize something than to understand it. Reading words takes a lot of brain-processing time and energy. Seeing and recognizing a visual is easier and quicker. Design a visual that communicates the process for you in 5-7 easy-to-recognize steps.

Like a map, your proven process shows your prospect the journey they will have with you and how you will get them to their destination.

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