You Work Hard – Working With an EOS Implementer Makes Things Easy

You Work Hard – Working With an EOS Implementer Makes Things Easy

The start of a new year often brings ambitious goals and plans for change. As a business leader, you may be looking to make 2024 the year you take your company to the next level by implementing a new system like the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). However, self-implementation can easily become another task on your overflowing to-do list. My job as a teacher, facilitator, and coach lightens the load so you can achieve your vision.

Think of it like this: you want to get to California. You can fly or drive. If you fly, you’ll get there faster and you can leave the navigation up to the pilot. If you drive, it will take longer, you are responsible for finding your way and navigating the challenges. The destination may be the same whether you self-implement or work with an expert, but you’ll get there faster, your journey will be smoother, and you’ll have more impact if you have a guide along your way.

Make the Easy Choice: Work With an Implementer

While leadership teams certainly can successfully self-implement EOS, many run into obstacles, have unanswered questions, and struggle without guidance to apply the different components of the EOS toolbox. You’re capable of doing everything solo, but working with a pro speeds results, uncovers hidden gaps, and ensures you see an ROI. Some benefits of choosing to work with an implementer include:

  • Faster implementation, better results – Don’t spend your valuable time trying to learn and implement a new system at the same time. Your EOS implementer can help expedite the process based on the experience of guiding dozens of other organizations.
  • Gain an objective outside perspective – Business leaders can’t always see their own blindspots. We help you and your team identify invisible barriers to reaching the next level of your business and provide guidance on how to solve these issues.
  • You can focus on your unique abilities – As the visionary leader, your time is limited and precious. You also can’t do everything by yourself. Let me use my area of expertise to help you and your team get the most of your areas of expertise.
  • Accountability & commitment – Like a personal trainer or coach, working one-on-one with an integrator provides extra support and guidance. Plus, it’s harder to justify giving up when you have someone holding you accountable.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we know that things often don’t go as we plan. It’s easier than you think to let EOS fall by the wayside when you’re stuck in the day-to-day of running your business. Not when you work with an implementer! Here are some of the things my clients have said about how working with me has helped them and their businesses:

“Barb has been a key part to getting us on track and accountable in every aspect of our company. We have been more productive in the last 6 months than we ever have been.”

“Barb is really good at starting conversations and making sure everyone is heard, but she does not give us the answers. She’s helped us find clarity and deal with some pretty big growing pains.”

“Barb has completely changed my life and business. The best decision I’ve made is bringing her on and I’ve never felt more at peace or confident in my business.”

“I like the structure with our implementer Barb, being a “mediator” at times but always providing guidance along the way.”

Why Work With Me?

Because I run my own business on EOS, I have identified my own three uniques and what makes me different from other business coaches out there.

  1. Pure EOS Approach

I am a pure EOS Implementer, working with business leadership teams to teach them one proven EOS Process and 20 simple tools. I won’t give you quick fixes to solve your issues and I don’t bring in a bunch of different ideologies, approaches or theories. I don’t have too, because EOS is a proven process. I have experienced for myself what EOS is capable of when done purely, helping me grow my own business.

  1. 20+ Years Working With Leadership Teams

Even before I became an EOS Implementer, I spent 20+ years working across multiple industries (manufacturing, services, technology, accounting, healthcare, retail) within almost every area of business from the owner and executive director to sales, operations, IT, strategy and customer experience. I’ve worked with leadership teams, coached them and their teams through business transformation, strategic planning and merger integration. And, I am still learning, always keeping an eye out for patterns and challenges others are facing and sharing those insights with my clients.

  1. I Provide Tough Love When You Need It

My ultimate goal and true passion is to help my clients achieve their desired results. But let’s be real, what works for one person doesn’t work for the next. I strive to always be the coach my clients need at that moment and tailor my approach to fit what is best for them. I give leaders the tough love they need to be successful and the shoulder to lean on when they need to work through an issue. I will always be fair, direct and honest.

A Difference You Can See and Feel

So, if you’re going to California, are you going to fly or drive? By working with an implementer like myself, you’ll have the best tools and guidance to take your business exactly where you want it to be.

Ready to see and feel the difference when you work with an EOS implementer? Let’s chat about how my services can make 2024 the year you take control of your business and achieve your goals!

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