Congratulations to Our Newest Boot Camp Graduates! November 2021

Tampa Boot Camp Graduates 2021

EOS November 2021 Tampa, Florida Professional Implementer Boot Camp™

Having successfully completed Boot Camp, our graduates have earned the Professional EOS Implementer® designation.


Rodney Nolt
Lancaster, PA


Brent Stromwell
Atlanta, GA


Danny Toney
Layton, UT


Jonathan Nielson
Omaha, NE


Anne Schoolcraft
Minneapolis, MN


Derek Newcomer
Harrisburg, PA


David Borland
Albany, NY

Nicholas Bradfield
Cary, NC


Thomas Puthanangady
Worcester, MA


Justin Phelps
St. Petersburg, FL


Steven Andres
Little Falls, MN


Roy Pelkey
Charlotte, NC


Jason Williams

Jason Williams
Portsmouth, VA


Mike Ellicott
Pensacola, FL







Ready to become an effective business coach and join over 350 Professional EOS Implementers? Pursue your passion and see for yourself if the EOS Life® is for you.

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