Our Newest Boot Camp Graduates! June 2020

EOS Implementer Graduates

We are proud to announce the graduates from the EOS June 2020 Denver Professional Implementer Boot Camp™!

Having successfully completed Boot Camp, all of our graduates have earned the Professional EOS Implementer® designation.


Rebecca Finken, Phoenix, AZ

Rebecca and her husband started a building maintenance business 20 years ago, growing the company from two employees to over 200 in multiple locations. As the Integrator, she has implemented many EOS tools that contributed to the company’s growth. Rebecca loves helping others avoid the pain she and her husband encountered running their business.




Joshua Kwasny, Winston-Salem, NC

Joshua comes to EOS with a background in construction and non-profit. For the past four years, he was on the leadership team of a company as the vice president of operations. While his team was doing well with EOS, Joshua was motivated to take EOS to the next level and explore how it could truly transform companies. So he decided to resign and start his own thing, taking on the challenge of becoming a Professional EOS Implementer. Joshua is super passionate about people and building a healthy business culture, helping companies and leadership teams avoid the same mistakes he experienced.



Jason Clubb - EOS Boot Camp Graduate

Jason Clubb, Winston-Salem, NC

Jason has a flair for creative, out-of-the-box problem-solving. As he likes to put it, he’s a “detail-oriented innovator.” He has a broad range of experience and expertise that enables him to offer business solutions for all functional areas. Jason has been a CPA, CFO, and entrepreneur, having been involved in several startups. He is also, a co-founder of the non-profit, Hoops4Him.




Jessica Stewart - EOS Base Camp Graduate

Jessica Stewart, Fort Worth, TX

Jessica started her own medical data company out of a mobile home, eventually selling the business for $26 million. She ran her company using many of the timeless principles and tools found in EOS, not even knowing it was called EOS. She likes helping companies be independent, setting them up with the right tools and resources to go it on their own.




Jeff Chastain - EOS Base Camp Graduate

Jeff Chastain, Dallas, TX

Jeff started creating and building things early in his life, mostly around technology. For over 15 years now, he has been consulting in and around tech. Jeff found that most companies need an operating system first before tackling their tech issues. His passion is implementing simple processes to help others.




Peter Hammond - EOS Base Camp Graduate

Peter Hammond, Orange County, CA

Peter has been a part of large as well as small, entrepreneurial global manufacturing corporations. In addition, he ran his own company for seven years. In his most recent role as the chief operating officer for an entrepreneurial company, Peter experienced how challenging but critical it is to “let go of the vine” in a growing organization. Now he’s ready to share his real-world experiences, help show other leaders the way to vision, traction, and health, and do what he really loves… implement EOS.




Gary Cooper, Pawleys Island / Myrtle Beach, SC

Gary built and sold six companies between 2001 and 2011. Even though he was lacking process, he says he was lucky in spite of himself. Today, he is the chairman and co-founder of a successful business that no longer needs him in day-to-day operations. Gary’s focus is on helping others, service, and giving back to the community.




Kelly Renz - EOS Base Camp Graduate

Kelly Renz, Milwaukee, WI

Kelly’s successful career began in human resources, working her way up to running a human capital firm. She later led the transition when the firm was bought by a larger professional services company. Kelly’s strengths are in change management, communications, and streamlining processes and using time management to get leaders on the same page. She loves coaching, teaching, and facilitation.




Bill Gerard - EOS Base Camp Graduate

Bill Gerard, Reno, NV

Bill leads internal training and coaching within Merrill Lynch. In addition, he is a certified coach, coaching eight small business teams on principles similar to EOS. After having read Traction, he has found the framework to go off on his own. His passion is to help others perform at their highest level to achieve elite growth.



Ready to become an effective business coach and join over 350 Professional EOS Implementers? Pursue your passion and see for yourself if the EOS Life® is for you.

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