S1E1: You Can’t Make It Happen Without A Clear Vision

Strong in Six
Strong in Six
S1E1: You Can’t Make It Happen Without A Clear Vision

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When in need, phone a friend. Host Sue Hawkes connects with Brad Konik, CEO of Konik Technical Talent Network, and Jamie Munoz, Visionary and Integrator® at Catalyst Integrators. Together they dig into vision and its role in defining your business’s ideal client. 

Brad learned that targeting the ideal client starts with the company’s vision. He recalls a moment early in his EOS journey when he was asked to take a step back from daily operations so that he could clarify the business’s vision. During that time, Brad realized that the company wasn’t about making money — it was about standing by its core purpose.

After that, Brad’s company hit its stride when he:

  • Hired a director
  • Let go of the vine
  • Began to Delegate and Elevate™
  • Created opportunities for open and honest employee feedback and input

Jamie also emphasized that Visionaries need time away to think big and to consider how they want their company to feel years down the road. When you know the purpose behind doing what you do, then you can cast the vision and align your team to reach your target client effectively. Your ideal client has the same desires and core values as you, so clarifying your vision is of utmost importance.

Jamie shares that sometimes she gets stuck as a Visionary and is tempted to give in to imposter syndrome. She’s learned that whenever this happens, she needs to hear an outside voice.

“When I get stuck, what do I do? I phone a friend. . . . Talk to somebody who normally inspires you.” — Jamie [21:55]


About The Strong in Six Podcast

Entrepreneurs face many of the same kinds of challenges. Many of these challenges fall into one of the five most common frustrations, but all of them center around one of six key components of entrepreneurial businesses.

The Strong in Six podcast encourages business leaders to have open and honest conversations about those pain points and brings their stories to you. Learn from the real-world experiences, practical wisdom, and timeless truths told by subject matter experts as they reveal proven systems and tools that can help solve those challenges forever.  

Sit down with Strong in Six podcast host and Expert EOS Implementer® Sue Hawkes as she answers real questions from everyday entrepreneurs and chats with experts. If you’re up for the challenge, join us and get strong in the Six Key Components™ of your business.

About Sue Hawkes

Sue Hawkes is a bestselling author, award-winning leader, Expert EOS Implementer, Certified Business Coach, WPO Chapter Chair, and globally recognized award-winning seminar leader who helps CEOs and their leadership teams succeed. Sue brings over twenty-five years of business experience to her clients, and as CEO of YESS! has designed and delivered dynamic, transformational programs for thousands of people. Sue’s passion is helping people design and live successful, fulfilling lives through powerful leadership, effective communication, no-nonsense coaching, and healthy teamwork.

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