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How to be Antifragile

“A recession is coming! A recession is coming!” This is a very “Chicken Little” thing to say, yet I am hearing it more and more often these days. The funny thing about this statement is that a recession is always coming, so this is a rather indisputable comment. The Starks are right, “Winter is always

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Don’t Just Communicate, Connect!

“Jim, what has made all the difference in the last few quarters is that our managers aren’t just communicating, they are connecting.” I recently heard this from Andy, the Integrator at Weather Shield Roofing Systems in Grand Rapids. How cool is this? His comment was a light bulb moment for me. It has been said

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You Have to Give Up to Go Up

You Have to Give Up to Go Up It is a business truth that organizations are like organisms – they are either growing or dying.  (As a personal side note hearing this once from a scientist when I was younger made sense.  Now as I get older, I would like to dispute it but alas, I am told

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