The Pin That Holds EOS® Together

helicopter - What does a helicopter and Level 10 Meetings have to do with each other?

“Jim, it has been just a messed-up quarter. I would grade it a ‘C’ at best,” said the operations leader.

“I have to agree. Things are just off with us and the team. I give the quarter a ‘C-’,“ said the integrator.

The feedback went on in a similar fashion from the rest of the team and I have to say, I was baffled.

This was a great team that rarely had bad quarters. They had their struggles with clients and staff like everyone else, but nothing like “just a messed-up quarter.”

The crazy part was that the team and I really didn’t know what the cause was.

Now, it isn’t the job of an EOS Implementer® to have the answers to fix our issues. But I am more at ease if I have an idea of at least what to write on the Issues List.

Getting To The Root Of It All In A Quarterly Pulsing™ Session

The great thing with the Quarterly Pulsing session is that the first part of the day really helps a client get on the same page with things that are holding them back. Knowing this, I did something that doesn’t come naturally to me: I was patient.

As we pushed farther into the day, I started seeing more and more that the team really wasn’t on the same page.

They weren’t clear on what needed to get done. They didn’t really know where the numbers were and how the company was doing. They definitely weren’t as healthy of a team as they usually were. And a lot of the issues just seemed like small stuff — not the meaty issues they usually solved.

I started asking myself, “What was the one thing that really makes sure teams are connected?”

And then it dawned on me…

How Level 10 Meetings™ Hold the Team Together

“Hey team, how have your Level 10 Meetings been going this quarter?” I asked. A couple of light bulbs went on along with a couple of nervous giggles. The integrator spoke up first.

“Not great, actually. It has been such a crazy quarter that we missed a bunch. I can’t actually remember the last time we were all in a room together. That’s the reason we are off, isn’t it?”

“That would be my bet,” I said.

This experience got me thinking about helicopters…

Did you know there is a part on many helicopters called the “Jesus Pin” or “Jesus Nut” that holds the rotors to the top of the helicopter? It’s called that since there is very little you can do but pray if you lose it in flight. So what do a helicopter and Level 10 Meetings have to do with each other?

It’s the Level 10 Meeting that really holds your team and EOS together. Because just like that crucial pin, it keeps the circles connected.

During the meeting, most of the tools are reviewed or used. You get on the same page with priorities for the week and quarter – the vision. You make sure everyone is gaining Traction®.  And the team is getting healthier through succeeding, failing, and solving together. This means the team is getting Vision, Traction, and Healthy weekly.

If your team would find value in knowing all your priorities are on track, in knowing your key numbers were on track, in maintaining a healthy team, in knowing your team is on the same page, and in solving the great ideas or obstacles, then get your Level 10 Meetings on. It is truly what holds your team together.

 If you’d like to learn more about how the Level 10 Meeting keeps the circles connected, Jim Coyle will be offering a breakout session as part of the 2021 EOS Conference.

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