How to Achieve Alignment in Your Leadership Team

AlignmentWhen your leadership team is faced with a major issue, how many interests are sitting at the table? If you’re like most organizations, you have one interest for each person in the room. There’s the CEO’s interest, a Sales interest, a Finance interest, an Operations interest, an HR interest…and on and on.

Misaligned Teams Don’t Go Anywhere

What happens next doesn’t take a crystal ball to predict. The various interests push and pull, trying to move the direction of the company with them. But when everyone is pulling in different directions, no one goes anywhere. Your company is stuck.

Now imagine how this plays out throughout your organization. Every one of your staff has an interest—a set of goals, values and priorities. What happens on a day-to-day basis when your employees aren’t aligned on the same page? Even when there isn’t interpersonal conflict, there are conflicting interests that create stress, reduce effectiveness, and cause the company to spin its wheels.

The occasional big issues at the leadership level are easy to identify, and thankfully you don’t have to resolve them every day. But if you’re like most organizations, it’s continually happening around you and it’s keeping your company stuck in place—not just when the big problems arise, but daily.

Gain Traction by Getting All Your Staff on the Same Page

Gino Wickman, my partner and the person who created EOS, talks about this dynamic in the video below. He says that “where attention goes, energy flows.” The way to get your company moving forward is to get all the energy in your company to flow in one direction.

Watch the video to see how EOS helps you get all of your employees aligned to the same direction, vision, plan and values. With all that energy focused in the same direction, you’ll get the growth and control you desire, more balance in your life, and typically you’ll make more money.

In short, EOS helps you get everything you want out of your business.


Next Steps

Download chapter 1 of "Traction" by Gino Wickman

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