Kolbe Creates a Common Language for Healthy Teams

When many different personalities come together in a growing entrepreneurial company, chaos can ensue. The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) gives business leaders the framework and practical tools to foster a cohesive vision. For leaders to get on the same page, they have to understand one another. Together EOS and Kolbe create a common language for healthy teams to truly communicate with each other. And that starts with having a clear vision.

A Clear Vision

Leaders of the company have to create a clear vision of where they want their company to go. Then every person in the organization has to see it and get 100% on board with it too.

A team that shares a common purpose operates at a higher level. Each member of the team knows how they contribute to the team’s goals and ultimately the success of the company. Did you know an average team that aligns behind a clear plan will outperform a more talented compliance-led team?

EOS gives business leaders the framework and the language to do this. By using tools like the Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO™), leaders create the road map to get there. Then they have to provide clear and effective communication.

Crystallize your vision and align your team

A Common Language for Doing Business

Teams that have a common language – or a way of communicating within the business – get on the same page faster. The best way to do that is by ensuring everyone uses the same words when describing and following processes.

EOS provides language that employees throughout the company can use to talk about processes and developments. It also offers tools and strategies to hold each person accountable for their role in creating the shared vision. Through discipline and accountability, doing business with a common language empowers the company to gain Traction®.

A Common Language for Being in Business

More than just understanding company vision and processes, healthy teams use a common language to understand each other. Each individual feels confident in knowing themselves and understanding the other members of their team. When a team is healthy, members accept and love both themselves and each other.

The Kolbe A™ Index serves as a program to help teams become healthier by providing a common language to explain how individuals interact with each other. Kolbe allows each person to better understand their natural strengths and tendencies, in addition to understanding those of their teammates.

At EOS, we teach Kolbe because you can make progress with less effort as a team. It’s the 80/20 Pareto Principle rule for team cohesion.

Using their Kolbe scores as a guide, teams become more healthy, cohesive, and functional. They have more fun and enjoy working together. And ultimately, healthy teams get more done and have more fun doing it.

Ready to start speaking the same EOS language with your team? Download our free ebook, 20+ EOS Terms Your Employees Need to Know.

How strong is your company?

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