S2E7: Communication Is the Glue of the Visionary/Integrator™ Duo | Jennifer Maker and Grandi Washington

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S2E7: Communication Is the Glue of the Visionary/Integrator™ Duo | Jennifer Maker and Grandi Washington

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As the Visionary, it can be tempting to take on all the responsibilities. Jennifer’s exponential growth left her feeling overwhelmed rather than in control. And that’s when she knew it was time to bring on an Integrator™. 

Bringing on a team can have lots of challenges, which Jennifer had experienced in her previous business. The choice to bring on Grandi as the Integrator created support – and that was the differentiating factor. 

Jennifer discusses how finding the right Integrator involved evaluating both the skills to do the work and finding someone with a mindset that was aligned with hers. Grandi talks about her experience stepping up to take on some of the responsibilities of running Jennifer’s company. 

The two women talk about how they focus on their strengths and fill in for the other’s weaknesses. But even if they see the need, Jennifer points out there are still struggles when it comes to letting go. It becomes an exercise in trust. 

Grandi’s key to building that trust is simple: communicate. 

[10:50] “We communicate a ton all the time. I can say anything in the world to her and she can say anything in the world to me. And no matter where we are, we always end up in the middle together. We’ve worked on that communication for years and that is what I really feel is our superpower. I can sense her and she can sense me, and we work it out.” – Grandi

Even though Jennifer and Grandi have different strengths, they have a lot of overlap as well. Jennifer shares how they balance who tackles which items and how it helps them communicate within their own roles.

As the business grows, the leaders must grow too. Jennifer and Grandi share the resources and experiences that allow them to keep honing their skills. And they do this both individually and as a partnership. 

Jennifer credits having an Integrator as pivotal to both the business’s growth and her own growth as a Visionary. She highlights how overcoming the bad days becomes easier. 

Grandi discusses how there’s always conflict in a partnership at some point, but says open communication creates a place to resolve it. And Jennifer shares how she struggles to stop herself from taking back control when challenges occur. 

As a team working together online, Grandi and Jennifer share how they’ve restructured Same Page Meetings® to meet their needs. It’s interesting to hear how their unique form of communication changes the way they use EOS® tools.

Beyond the meetings, the Delegate and Elevate® system acts as a key tool to break down the new way Grandi and Jennifer share control. And the Crystallizer Assessment® makes for a fun way to help those other two tools run smoothly. 

If you’re interested in learning how to use the Entrepreneurial Operating System® in your business or how to solve problems effectively with your leadership team, don’t miss this episode of Rocket Fuel™. 

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Every outstanding entrepreneurial business has a common element that launched it to success. 

It has a Visionary who sees the big picture, envisions the future, and lives for challenge and risk. It also has an Integrator™, who works behind the scenes executing the business plan and doing the backbreaking work of making the Visionary’s dreams a reality. 

On their own, these two types of leaders have potential, but together they form an essential relationship that propels their business to new heights – we call that Rocket Fuel™. 

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