10 Tips To Thrive In Tough Times

woman entrepreneur reading

woman entrepreneur reading

*To help our readers navigate their businesses and organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are re-posting this relevant blog post from Sue Hawkes, previously published on the YESS! blog.

Self-preservation in turbulent times is sometimes a lot to ask.

What can you do to manage your mindset as we’re asked to practice social distancing? Self-care

Help Them See What You’re Saying

man getting out of a dark tunnel toward light

Vision. I went to the eye doctor and for the first time, I couldn’t read anything below the top line. Really?!! And how many other reminders do I need that I’m aging?

It occurred to me while I was ruminating in my newly identified, near-sighted blur, that this is what it’s like for our people when they can’t “see” what we’re saying.

The letters are there, but they’re fuzzy. The goals are there, but they’re fuzzy—our employees don’t see them as clearly as we do—they can’t, unless we tell them, and often.

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When Your Employee Isn’t A Fit

when an employee isn't a fitAs a Minnesota resident, I often find myself dreaming of warm climates this time of year.

The temperature hovers around freezing and I can picture the arid deserts of Arizona or the lush rainforests of Hawaii. Both climates offer respite from the Minnesota winter, but they are decidedly different from one another in flora and fauna.

A cactus can’t survive in the rainforest, and ferns can’t grow in the desert.

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No Issues Is An Issue: Improving Meeting Engagement

communication in a meeting, group of women at conference table not talking If you’ve ever walked into your Level 10 Meetings or Quarterly Planning and heard someone say “I don’t think we have any issues,” you’re on a slippery slope to mediocrity. If your meetings have become routine or your team looks to you as the source of substance for the agenda for the weekly time you’ve allotted together, then it’s time to consider some questions to better serve yourselves and your company.

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Keep Your Business on Track

Keep Your Eyes on the Road: Using Your Core Focus to Keep Your Business on Track

EOS Core Focus Keep Your Business on TrackImagine driving on a highway you’ve never been on before. Preferably you’re driving a convertible and the views are breathtaking. In this scenario, it’s unlikely you’ll notice the guardrails. However, the guardrails are almost invisibly keeping you on track, guiding you safely and efficiently to your desired destination. In your business, your Core Focus™ functions the same way.

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